Used by
Alien Spell, Bemstar, ChernoGoji, Mondo Bot, SpookGoji
BirthGoji (archenemy)
MIB Godzilla, MIB Jet Jaguar, MIB Rodan, MIB Mechagodzilla, DeimosGame, Gekkoku 1, Godzillark, King Ghidorah XVII, Flying Gigan, GTS Megalon, Windom
Underground Gojiran Mutation
86 meters
Concept Art Kaiju/HMCC

AdonisGoji (アドニスゴジ AdonisuGoji) is a mutant Gojiran and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


AdonisGoji's personality at the moment is completely unknown. Literally all that is known about his personality is that he appears to be a rampaging, chaotic beast that appears when others least expect him to be. He almost always shows out of nowhere. AdonisGojis main traits so far though appear to be that he is very wild and is aggressive to almost everyone he sees.


Debut: Another King of the Monsters!?

After entering from out of their home dimension, MIB Godzilla, MIB Rodan, MIB Jet Jaguar and MIB Mechagodzilla arrived at the main universes Earth at some disclosed location. Upon arriving there, they were then ambushed by strange, spiky mutant Gojiran monstrosity known as "AdonisGoji". AdonisGoji burrowed out from underground to attack the four of them. AdonisGoji then roared out to the skies and charged towards them.

MIB Godzilla decided to fight against AdonisGoji head on to save his friends. MIB Godzilla ran up and punched AdonisGoji in the face, AdonisGoji then rammed against MIB Godzilla, his spiky hide slashing against MIB Godzilla. MIB Godzilla growled and fired his very powerful atomic ball at AdonisGoji, knocking him down.

AdonisGoji rolled over on the ground, his eyes and chest glowing red. MIB Godzilla then kicked against AdonisGoji's belly as he got back up. AdonisGoji activated his body spikes, making his spikes on his body stick out further like a porcupine and then shot out his spikes like quills against MIB Godzilla. MIB Godzilla did his best to jump out of the way from the spikes, though he still got hit by some.

AdonisGoji then blasted his eye beams at MIB Godzilla's areas, creating some explosions around him. MIB Godzilla fired his super powerful super fast atomic ball against AdonisGoji, deflecting the eye beams; sending AdonisGoji flying back. MIB Godzilla then blasted his atomic breath against AdonisGoji; MIB Godzilla's friends then began to cheer him on as he fought against AdonisGoji.

AdonisGoji rolled back up, swinging his long, spiked tail against MIB Godzilla. MIB Godzilla was hit hard by the tail, staggering back and a bit hurt. As AdonisGoji began to swing his club tail towards MIB Godzilla, MIB Godzilla then picked AdonisGoji up by the tail and began swinging him around, spinning in circles. MIB Godzilla then gathered his strength and threw AdonisGoji in the air and chained it with an atomic breath, causing AdonisGoji to fall down and crash-land to the ground, creating a big dirt explosion. Defeated, AdonisGoji then burrowed away; retreating for now.

The Atomic Guardian vs. The Dreaded Mutation

AdonisGoji appeared in London where he began to wreak havoc, striking buildings with his long, spiky club tail. BirthGoji eyes opened wide awake, feeling the presence of another Gojiran and the destruction of a city, swimming towards the surface to find out whats going on. AdonisGoji eyes flashed, shooting eye lasers down at some ground, creating some explosions. AdonisGoji then turned around and cackled, then shooting some more eye lasers at flying jets, shooting them down like flies. Suddenly, a thunderous roar could be heard; BirthGoji had appeared! BirthGoji slowly circles AdonisGoji, looking at the chaos and death he had already caused. BirthGoji then roared at the beast, asking why a Gojiran would cause such destruction.

AdonisGoji's red eyes just glared at BirthGoji, visibly not caring about the damage he's caused. AdonisGoji then swung his spiky club tail against BirthGoji hard; causing BirthGoji to stumble back. BirthGoji looked back at Adonisgoji, his jaw snapping back into place and then smashing his fist into AdonisGoji. AdonisGoji was hit by the fist and then retaliated by slashing his claws against BirthGoji's chest. BirthGoji slashed back against AdonisGoji; AdonisGoji then grabbed a building and threw it against BirthGoji. BirthGoji grabbed the building, sliding back slightly and drops it to his side. Then AdonisGoji fired his eye lasers at the building, destroying it.

AdonisGoji then rammed against BirthGoji, only for BirthGoji to then push him away with his arms and do a full 180 with his body, slamming his tail into AdonisGoji's face. AdonisGoji was hit but then he bit BirthGoji's tail with his sharp fangs. BirthGoji roared in pain and then jumped backwards and slammed his dorsal scutes into this beast. AdonisGoji and BirthGoji then bashed their fists against each other. AdonisGoji then blasted out his version of atomic breath against BirthGoji, sending him slides back a bit, only to be smashed into several buildings and getting buried under some rubble. As BirthGoji got back up from the rubble, AdonisGoji then began to shoot out his body spikes at BirthGoji. BirthGoji began to charge his nuclear pulse...

BirthGoji then unleashed his nuclear pulse against AdonisGoji; causing him to reel back from the nuclear pulse, toppling on some buildings. AdonisGoji rolled over and then blasted his eye lasers at BirthGoji, to which BirthGoji blasted his atomic breath back at AdonisGoji to return the favor. BirthGoji charged forwards and tackled him, to which AdonisGoji rolled over and swung his spiky club tail against BirthGoji back and forth. BirthGoji grabbed AdonisGoji's tail and lifted him up and then smashes him into the ground, before dropping him, snorting blood.

AdonisGoji then bolted back up, roaring and eyes and chest glowing red; running up, blasting both his his red colored atomic breath and his body spikes towards BirthGoji and his area. BirthGoji was hit by both attacks, snarling in pain. BirthGoji then closed his eyes while AdonisGoji charged against him, only for BirthGoji to open his eyes, his eyes bursting with atomic blue radiance, roaring loudly and charging at AdonisGoji as well.

BirthGoji then smashed his fist into Adonisgoji, the force of the impact causing a blue shockwave. BirthGoji then swung his fist towards AdonisGoji, to which AdonisGoji grabbed his fist and then swung his spiky fist against BirthGoji. BirthGoji threw his other fist against AdonisGoji as well. It then broke out into a chaotic fistfight; the force of the two attacks causing an immense shockwave, the ground beneath the two combatants breaking apart and cracking. Each time their fists made contact, multiple shockwaves occurred. The ground itself started to crack as rock pillars started forming; glass from the buildings started to shatter and lighting starts to come down around them, causing fire to burst.

In a few hours; the city of London was in ruins, thankfully everybody was evacuated due to BirthGoji holding back AdonisGoji but now.....hes isn't. Lightning striked all around the city, fire climbing many man made structures lighting up the darkness that is night; the combatants continued to clash, one not holding back his power and the other going all out like his foe. BirthGoji stares down AdonisGoji, his eyes burning with blue atomic energy. His scutes sparked to life, glowing a blueish purple. AdonisGoji charged towards BirthGoji, to which BirthGoji's hands glowed a blueish purple flame, roaring and smashing his nuclear pulse charged fist into the charging AdonisGoji.

BirthGoji followed up the attack by swinging his tail against AdonisGoji, causing AdonisGoji to fall down against the ground. AdonisGoji then shot his body spikes at BirthGoji, followed up by him firing his eye lasers at him, causing some explosions around him. BirthGoji then began to glow, lightning even starts to bounce around his body. BirthGoji then parted his maw, firing off an atomic blast against AdonisGoji. The beam slammed into AdonisGoji, dealing rather brutal damage. BirthGoji continued to fire his beam, pumping every ounce of energy he has left into it. A massive explosion occurred, engulfing both combatants.

When the dust settled, a large crater is where the explosion occurred. AdonisGoji was left badly wounded and BirthGoji stood by, glaring at AdonisGoji. AdonisGoji then turned aways and burrowed underground, retreating. BirthGoji then roared in the air victoriously and turned around, heading back to Sollgell; London was then beginning reconstruction after BirthGoji left.

London Madness

AdonisGoji reappeared briefly in London to assist Bemstar in attacking the place and to get revenge on MIB Godzilla. Then out from underground came out AdonisGoji, who then regrouped with Bemstar and shot his body spikes at MIB Godzilla; hitting MIB Godzilla. Then Godzillark came in and roared, heading towards Bemstar. AdonisGoji turned around and shot his spikes at Godzillarkr, to which Godzillark dodged the spikes and jumped in the air, doing a dropkick on AdonisGoji.

Bemstar dodged AdonisGoji's body falling on him and then fired horn beams at Godzillark. As Godzillark battled with AdonisGoji, MIB Godzilla came back in and blasted his atomic breath at Bemstar; to which Bemstar fired his horn beam at the atomic breath causing a explosion. Bemstar then flew up and landed down on MIB Godzilla's tail, followed up by AdonisGoji's eye lasers hitting against MIB Godzilla. MIB Godzilla then grabbed Bemstar and threw him around to the ground. After that, Bemstar had enough and then flew up into the air retreating for now.

AdonisGoji was then assisted by Mondo Bot and the two then both fought against MIB Godzilla and Godzillark; though Godzillark eventually managed to get the upperhand against him and forced AdonisGoji to retreat.


AdonisGoji reappeared again in Shiogama, where he came to fight against BirthGoji and also DeimosGame again once more; as well as assisting ChernoGoji. AdonisGoji saw BirthGoji coming and then blasted his atomic beam against him, to which BirthGoji retaliated by then blasting his atomic breath against him, sending him back several buildings. SpookGoji then appeared and fought against BirthGoji as well. AdonisGoji then fought against both BirthGoji and SpookGoji but the fight was short-lived as the explosive fight between DeimosGame and ChernoGoji then ignited a fiery explosion after the destruction of a nearby oil factor, catching up AdonisGoji near the blast and frightening him off. Following DeimosGame and ChernoGoji both exiting the battle, AdonisGoji then retreated into the waters, taking off.

Agent Paras Pt. 3: Savage Collection

During Flying Gigan's and King Ghidorah V's fight, AdonisGoji bursted out from the ground during the battle and fired his eye lasers against King Ghidorah V's back. Enraged, King Ghidorah V turned his heads to fire his bolts, all aimed right at the chest of AdonisGoji. AdonisGoji then ran up and started to bash against King Ghidorah V repeatedly, thrashing his spike tail against him. King Ghidorah V got flung over, screeching and flailing his heads around, firing his gravity beams wildly; AdonisGoji blasted his eye lasers at Ghido's gravity beams to counter, following it up by firing his body spikes at Ghido.

Then in a flash, King Ghidorah V transformed into Gand Year Ghidorah V. Looking down at AdonisGoji, Grand King Ghidorah V then fired his supercharged Gravity Beams, striking at his skin. BirthGoji then also appeared and fought against Flying Gigan. AdonisGoji and Grand King Ghidorah V then fought each other for a bit, before then Grand King Ghidorah V grabbed AdonisGoji and threw him against some buildings. Flying Gigan then flew over and bit at AdonisGoji's skin. AdonisGoji bashed his sharp claws against Flying Gigan, forcefully tearing him off, but also hurting his arm in the process.

Grand King Ghidorah V then blasted his gravity bolts against AdonisGoji; AdonisGoji was about to lash his tail against Grand Ghido, only then to be the hit by Grand Ghido, and then to be hit by the atomic beam, sending him down to the ground and creating a small blast around his area; AdonisGoji then was sent flying back, crashing against many buildings. AdonisGoji then burrowed away, retreating for now.

Fighting on the Highland



  • Enhanced Strength: AdonisGoj is very strong, capable of fighting against a large group of kaiju all on his own and lifting kaiju twice as big as him.
  • Body Spikes: AdonisGoji has spikes all over his body and can use them for battle like spiky armor. He can also sharpen them out and shoot them out like quills.
  • Eye Lasers: AdonisGoji can shoot red laser beams from his eyes. They can create big and powerful explosions upon hitting the target.
  • Enhanced Endurance: AdonisGoji has enhanced endurance.
  • Enhanced Durability: AdonisGoji has enhanced durability.
  • Devastation Beam: AdonisGoji can shoot out a dark-red colored atomic breath-esque beam from his mouth. Interestingly enough, while his scutes still glow when powering the beam, it's mostly the chest that glows, while the scutes only flash very briefly. It can deal major damage to those it hits and can create major explosions, even capable of setting the ground on flames.
  • Spiked-Club Tail: Adonis Goji can use his long, spiked club-like tail for combat.
  • Sharp Fangs: AdonisGoji has very sharp fangs which he can use to bite in and tear at flesh off of his foes.
  • Sharp Claws: AdonisGoji has scythe-like sharp claws to which he can use to hack and slash against his opponents.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: AdonisGoji can regenerate albeit slowly.
  • Burrowing: AdonisGoji is an excellent burrower despite his large size. AdonisGoji can burrow at rather fast speeds.
  • Adept Swimmer: AdonisGoji is a very good swimmer and can swim at high speeds.


Bemular's sounds

Bemular's sounds


AdonisGoji Model

A model of "AdonisGoji".

  • AdonisGoji is named after the Greek god of masculine beauty. This is somewhat ironic given AdonisGoji's rather ghastly appearance.
  • AdonisGoji is based off of one of FinalGoji's concept art from Godzilla: Final Wars
  • AdonisGoji was originally supposed to be a fusion of all three Mutant Godzilla Clones, but this idea was scrapped, it being decided that AdonisGoji should be instead a separate character.
  • BirthGoji is unofficially AdonisGoji's main rival, as they have fought three times in three of his appearances already.
  • AdonisGoji has the same roars as Bemular.


Over the Mountain

Over the Mountain

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