Red Flame Monster Akajii
Used by
Tsutabara (master)
Sailor Fighter, Alien Ido, Kamen Rider Amazon Omega
Fire Monster
Not known
50 meters
Sailor Fight! Kaiju

Akajii (アカジィ Akajii) is a fire monster and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Akajii doesn't really have much of a personality due to being a completely rampaging bestial kaiju, his only notable traits are his low intelligence and he likes to set things on fire.


Debut and Death: The Return of Sailor Fighter

Akajii first appeared to attack a city, after FoxMask, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and ZyuohEagle's fight with the gangster robots woke him and Aojii up, angering them. Akajii and Aojii decided to take their anger out on Alien Ido and chased him into the town.

As they searched for Alien Ido, they decided to wreak havoc on the town as well. Akajii set a few buildings on fire as well as slashed at few buildings with his scythe-like claws. As Aojii was under attack by Kamen Rider Amazon Omega, Akajii attempted to assist his comrade, but Akajii was then shot by a stray laser beam.

As Akajii looked down he saw a cloaked robotic figure. The robotic figure took the cloak off, revealing herself to be Sailor Fighter. Enraged, Akajii blasted his flames at Sailor Fighter, but Sailor Fighter leaped out of the way, blasting at Akajii with her laser beam. Sailor Fighter then flew up and punched at Akajii, sending Akajii against a few buildings.

Akajii then regrouped with Aojii and charged at Sailor Fighter and Kamen Rider Amazon Omega. Akajii slashed at Sailor Fighter with his claws and fired his fire breath at her some more in an attempt to crush her, but Sailor Fighter fought him back valiantly. Sailor Fighter then blasted her laser beam once more and then finally finished off Akajii by using her Sailor Dynamite at him, killing Akajii instantly. Akajii then fell over and exploded.


  • Flame Breath: Akajii can blast out a stream of fire from his mouth.
  • Claws: Akajii has unusually long sharp nail-claws he can use to hack and slash at his foes.


  • Akajii is tied with Aojii on being Gallibon the Destroyer's first Sailor Fight! kaiju.
  • Akajii's name does not translate well into English, it often being mistranslated as "Red flame monster Albany".
  • Though Akajii did not appear in The Revenge of Tsutabara arc, he was mentioned in Part 1 of the arc, where Tsutabara stated that he sent out Akajii and Aojii as scouts and then assigned them to attack a city, which led to their downfall.
  • His name is possibly based off the Japanese word for red "Aka".
  • He is possibly a tribute to Banila, given he played a similar role, powers, and shared the same subtitle as him.