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Alena Island

Alena Island, as seen from the distance.

Alena Island is a small island located in the Pacific Ocean that is home to some of Meesmoth's characters such as AlenaGoji and Meesmoth.

It is currently owned by AlenaGoji which is also used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


Permian-Cretaceous Period

Before the island was discovered by DesireeGoji on 2016, Alena Island was home to some of the Gojirans (one of them was AlenaGoji) and the M.U.T.O.s during the Permian Period.

However, several extinction events left the island uninhabited.


First Appearance

On the year 2016, DesireeGoji discovered the island and later named Desiree Island. However, AlenaGoji reappeared and reclaims the island again as Alena Island.

Days later, several monsters such as Meesmoth, and CenturyBato begins living on the island.



Monsters on the island


  • AlenaGoji (current owner, Permian Period-present)
    • DesireeGoji (previous owner, September-November 2016)



  • Alena Island is where Meesmoth's Earth Defender kaijus live, similar to his previous island.

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