Alien Babarue Alou
Alien Babalou
Used by
Alien Valky, Ultraman Belial
Ultraman Leo, Ultraman Ace, Ultraseven, Father of Ultra, Kamen Rider J, Ultraseven 21
Babarue Alien
Over 2,000 Earth years
56 meters (Giant)
2 meters (Small)
Ultraman Belial

Alien Babarue Alou is and Alien from the planet Babarue in another universe. He came to this Earth to attempt to conquer it while disguised as Ultraman Leo. However, Ultraman Belial interfered and made him lift his disguise.


Alien Babarue is very controlative. If parts of his plans don't go exactly as planned, he usually gets angry, causing his plans to fall apart even more. He is an experienced fighter, and sometimes overestimates himself. His overall goal is similar to Alien Valky's: Conquer a major planet and be famous. He often defies orders, if given any, and goes his own way. He is very self-conscious about his appearance and is often seen fixing his hair.


First Appearance

Babarue teamed up with Alien Valky and his pet Samekaijura. The two set out to conquer an Earth in an alternate universe, using Babarue's shapeshifting as a key part of their plan. Babarue took the form of Ultraman Leo, an Ultraman who killed a member of his kind in the past. Babarue sent Valky to Earth to cause havoc, then he would show up to drive him away. This would gain the human's trust, and Babarue and Valky would destroy the planet from the inside. However, this was failed when Ultraman Belial showed up. Belial had recently recruited Valky, and did not see through Babarue's disguise. Suddenly, Ultraman Leo showed up, and the whole ruse was ruined. Babarue revealed himself, and fought Leo and Ultraman Ace. Belial invited him into his ranks, and he joined. The four fought the ultras back, but at the cost of Samekaijura. When Ultraseven and the Father of Ultra appeared, Babarue was left to fight them alone, as Valky had been knocked out. Babarue took the form of Ultraman Zero, but to no avail, as they both barely excaped.


Babarue attempted to attack again, and fought Kamen Rider J in his form. After getting his diguise knocked off him by Ultraseven 21, Babarue was pummeled and then exploded.


  • Form Changing: Babarue can take the form of any being he desires, but he has to of had visual reference at some point. He can also replicate their powers.
  • Size Change
  • Ice Breath
  • Babarue Stick: A pincer weapon with spikes and a mace on one end.
  • Dark Rocket: Babarue entangles enemies with a chain on his left arm.
  • Babarue Beam: Fires a moderately powerful ray from his right hand.


  • If enough damage is done to Babarue while disguised, his disguise will fade.
  • His chest ornament is his weak point


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