Alien Valky Krie
Alien Valky
Used by
Alien Babarue, Ultraman Belial, Samekaijura
Ultraman Leo, Makia, Ultraseven, Windom
Valky Alien
49 meters, 1.8 meters
Ultraman Belial
Do you take credit? Hehehehe! „ 

— Valky responding to Makia's "You're going to pay for that!"

Alien Valky Krie is an Valky Alien from the Showa Ultraman Universe. He came to this Earth to help conquer it with Alien Babarue.


Alien Valky is more of a mischief maker than an actual threat. He never takes anything seriously, and is normally the cause of the failures in Babarue's plans. He has a pet named Samekaijura, but it was killed, and he seemed over it very quickly. He seeks to make a name for himself in the universe, saying he wants "everyone to tremble at the mention of his name". He commonly supplants seemingly random Japanese into his sentences when he talks. He is known for taking figures of speech and answering then literally. He also gives really bad puns.


First Appearance

Valky appeared on Earth, jokingly exclaiming it wasn't his intended destination, then said Oh Well! and went with it. He summoned Samekaijura to destroy some things, then met Ultraman Belial. Belial offered him a place at his side. While initially refusing, Valky accepted, but said he had other business first. He proceeded to attempt to start the planned fight with Babarue disguised as Ultraman Leo. However, Belial interfered, preventing it. The real Ultraman Leo appeared, and ruined the plans. Valky and Babarue took on Leo, and Valky was comically put out quickly. When the fight was over, Valky tried to kill Makia, since he was a witness. He was doing well, until he was hit by Ultraseven's Eye Slugger. He collased, then was knocked out boxing style by Windom. While Seven and the Father of Ultra fought Babarue, Valky shrunk down and hid in some bushes until they left.

Second Appearane

Valky appeared to spy on a couple on a romantic date. He revealed himself and killed the man in a boxing match. Suddenly, Ultraman Leo appeared in human form and beat him senseless. Valky grew big and attempted to step on Gen, but failed. Gen transformed into Leo, and proceeded to beat him again. Valky attempted to fight some more, but was forced to retreat when Leo hit him with a Leo kick. Valky shrunk down and narrowly escaped.


  • Size Change
  • Teleportation: Limited Range, requires recharge
  • Energy blasts: From his forehead gem
  • Valky Ring: The bladed weapon Valky caries around


  • Is weak to getting the crap beaten out of him


(Alien Valky)<(Same!) *is crying, then suddenly stops*<(Oh well!) „ 

— Over the death of Samekaijura

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