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All Out Hell
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All Out Hell
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New Bosquito

All Out Hell was a battle that happened in February 15, 2016. It took place in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Demaaga and Silvergon attack Salt Lake City, but then Makia and IguanaGoji come to fight them. Then New Bosquito comes and joins the fight. With all five monsters, utter chaos insues. Soon, Gamoni and Apex join the fight, and even more chaos ensues. Makia fights off Gamoni, IguanaGoji fights off Demaaga and Silvergon, and New Bosquito fights off Apex. Nearby the carnage, Nanjo watches the battle on a hill. Meanwhile with Rilah, as she tries ti get some food, she hears about commotion. She brushes it off, seeing that it will be over soon. Back at Salt Lake City, Silvergon then leaves the battle, leaving only 6 kaiju left. But then Demaaga turns into "Tsurugi Demaaga" and New Bosquito turns into "Mammoth Bosquito" and they continue to fight. After a long, brutal and lengthy fight, a hydrogen bomb then appears above the kaiju. Makia and Gamoni leave, as they did not want to get killed in the blast, and the hydrogen bomb lands and detonates, decimating the entire city. Emerging from the ground, it is revealed Apex was mutated from the bomb and continues to attack Mammtoh Bosqutio and Tsurugi Demaaga. IguanaGoji is presumed to have been killed, but survived. Meanwhile back with Rilah, she's accomapnied with Kyo and Taokaka as they talk about what they've been doing and reminisce of their past journeys. A man then walks out of his car by Rilah, Kyo and Taokaka and it is revealed to be Nanjo, the man who was previously watching the kaiju fight. Nanjo says a few words and the leaves. 

Back at Salt Lake City, Mammoth Bosquito, Tsurugi Demaaga, and Apex (and IguanaGoji) leave the area, with fight ending in a stalemate.



Major Events

  • New Bosquito (and one of his forms Mammoth Bosquito) is introduced.
  • IguanaGoji almost dies.
  • Gamoni gets a new, more powerful whip made up of dark energy.
  • Salt Lake City is destroyed by the kaiju's brawl and a nuclear warhead.
  • Apex gets mutated by the nuke.


  • Most of "All Out Hell" was saved in PasteBin.
  • The battle's title was conceptualized by LSDKama.
  • The Battle is technically the first battle involving the Knights of Zun, as New Bosquito, who is now known as Eanif, is a high ranking member of the faction.

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