Blue Foaming Monster Aojii
Used by
Tsutabara (master)
Alien Ido, Kamen Rider Amazon Omega, Sailor Fighter
Water Monster
Not known
45 meters
Sailor Fight! Kaiju

Aojii (アオジィ Aojii) is a aquatic monster and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Aojii doesn't have much of a personality as he is a simple rampaging beast, his only defining characteristic is his low intelligence and his need for destruction.


Debut and Death: The Return of Sailor Fighter

Aojii first appeared to attack a nearby city, after FoxMask, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and ZyuohEagle's fight with the gangster robots woke Aojii and Akajii up and made them very angry. Aojii and Akajii decided to take their anger out on Alien Ido and chased him into the town.

As they searched for Alien Ido, they decided to trash the city too. Aojii fired his water beam at Alien Ido to flush him out as well as destroy several buildings, but then Kamen Rider Amazon Omega came in and fought against the beast.

Aojii did not fare well against the Kamen Rider, getting slashed and bruised a lot. Aojii rammed his horn a few times, but Kamen Rider Amazon Omega knew better and smacked at Aojii hard, sending him down on the ground. Aojii then regrouped with Akajii and charged at Sailor Fighter and Kamen Rider Amazon Omega.

Aoji rammed his horn at Kamen Rider Amazon Omega, but Kamen Rider Amazon Omega sliced the horn in two and slashed at Aojii's face several times. Aojii attempted to fire one last blast of his water beam at Kamen Rider Amazon Omega, Kamen Rider Omega finished him off for good but punching him super hard at his face, sending him falling down to the ground exploding, killing Aojii.


  • Water Beam: Aojii could fire a strong blast of water from his mouth and was even capable of making some floods with it.
  • Horn: Aojii could ram his sharp horn at his foes like a rhino.


  • Aojii and Akajii are tied for being Gallibon the Destroyer's first Sailor Fight! kaiju.
  • His name was accidentally misspelled as "Aokojii" a few times during the RP he appeared in.
  • Though Aojii did not appear in The Revenge of Tsutabara arc, he was mentioned in Part 1 of the arc, where Tsutabara stated that he sent out Aojii and Akajii as scouts and then assigned them to attack a city, which led to their downfall.
  • His name is possibly based off the Japanese word for blue "Ao".
  • He is possibly a tribute to Aboras, given he played a similar role, powers, and shared the same subtitle as him.