Armageddonverse is a universe created by ToyGoldenFreddy2



  • At some point, many kaiju lived with humans and protected them from evil. One day a species of kaiju named Vishnu arrived and forced many to into hiding or killed them


  • Unidentified frequencies were detected by a company named Monarch and they decided to investigate them. Five people went to the location were the frequencies were, when suddenly, a Vishnu attacked and killed two of them but Gamera stepped in and saved them. Gamera then disappeared for many years.
  • Multiple Kaiju are given to Monarch


  • Godzilla is awoken by nuclear tests in the pacific ocean and is angered, causing him to go on a rampage through Osaka
  • Death of The First Godzilla


  • Godzilla #1's DNA is researched by Monarch in the San Francisco Facility
  • Mothra Larva is Discovered, given to Monarch for Research.
  • An adult Kamacuras Breaks out of a Monarch Facility in San Francisco
  • The Blood Dragon arrives in San Francisco to battle the Kamacuras
  • Kamacuras is Killed, Blood Dragon Retreats and Monarch goes unheard of until 2000


  • Orga Appears in Kyoto heading toward Tokyo
  • Godzilla #2 appears in Hiroshima, heading toward Tokyo
  • A Lone Battle ensues in Tokyo between Orga and Godzilla, with godzilla emerging victorious
  • Monarch Takes the Orga DNA to the San Francisco Facility.


  • Orga DNA is mixed with Godzilla #1's DNA. This Creates a young Orgazilla.


  • Orgazilla ages Rapidly and is used as weapon to fight other Kaiju's



  • Many monsters appear from other universes but have new designs and roars (i.e. Gamera)
  • The Armageddonverse is based off the Legendary universe