Artoul is a jungle like planet, near Fonias, it is most notable for being the home planet to the Erpon, it is quite a wet planet as well, one of the few areas to not have any water areas is the mountain areas, it has been nearly conquered by the Klímanka, countless times but they have failed.
ForestPlanet Render1



  • Erpon: An aquatic amphibious race. The original species and by far the most intelligent. They live in cabin and huts, they worship the Ce-Drakos.
  • Sri'Kooth: A wolf like species. Despite being capable of speech, they are quite unintelligent. They like wolves live in packs and they live in huts.
  • Gulai: A golem species, they live in swamps, underground areas, mountains and caves. They like Sri'Kooth and Erpon are cable of speech. They are incredibly strong as well but generally peaceful.
  • Cajaw: A dog like species which have been domesticated by the Erpon, they generally live with their Erpon masters.
  • Swampclaw: A cougar like species and despite their name, they prefer to live in forest like areas.
  • Shockfin: An eel like species, who live in swamp and marsh areas, they are also the size of an anaconda. They are also capable of going onto land.  

Climate & Weather

Artoul is not too hot and not too cold, though it does rain quite a lot.

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