The Assault on Moscow was a battle that took place on April 4th, 2015.



Neo Jet Jaguar arrives in Moscow and begins attacking the city. He makes his way towards the Kremlin, but is interrupted by Silveon and Nitrogeon. The three fight for a while until Obsidian arrives to assist Neo JJ. Lava Varan ruthlessly attacks Nitro while Neo Jet Jaguar flies towards the Kremlin. Silveon intercepts him, but they end up fighting inside the building anyways. Meanwhile, Obsidian badly damages Nitro, but he manages to retreat. As Silveon and Neo JJ bust out, Neo JJ notices a nuclear missile, and the battle becomes a frantic defense of the truck with it as Silveon fights Neo JJ in a tunnel and out. Neo JJ ends up teleporting to the truck and holding the city hostage. He ends up detonating the missile and destroying Moscow and anything within a 20 mile radius.

Major Events

  • Obsidian is introduced
  • Moscow is completely destroyed, although many lives are saved thanks to Silveon
  • Neo JJ gets a hold of all of Russia's Nuclear Missiles