Augmented Garasharp
Used by
Jay's Wing
Weird Marukobukarappa
Garoga Spider, Garoga Gorilla
Mutated Cobra
200 meters
The Geonosians
Scrapped Gamera Kaiju

Augmented Garasharp is a giant snake kaiju under control of the Geonosians and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Augmented Garasharp is very aggressive, attacking anything she sees and destroying any cities it may come across. Augmented Garasharp is also vicious and ruthless in battle. Deep down, however, Augmented Garasharp has a soft side as a mother, and will do anything to protect its children.


Augmented Garasharp was a kaiju captured and taken control of by the Geonosians. However, she wasn't immediately sent out. Instead, she was experimented on to increase her power for weeks. Eventually, she was sent out in a test battle with another augmented kaiju against Garoga Spider and Garoga Gorilla. The two augmented kaiju easily defeated and nearly killed the two aliens, proving their worth. The Geonosians quickly prepared the two for their next city attack.


  • By using her tongue, Augmented Garasharp can absorb heat from any source to increase her own size.
  • Augmented Garasharp can exhale a poisonous white mist from her mouth.
  • The rattle of the tip of Augmented Garasharp's tail can emit a supersonic noise.
  • Augmented Garasharp carries her offspring within her body to protect them. These offspring are very strong despite their age and size, and are able to survive their parent being destroyed without any injury. They also survive Gamera breaking off their horns and fangs.
  • Very fast
  • Can emit green lasers from her eyes
  • Fangs contain a deadly poison in them


  • Augmented Garasharp is Fr0stfur's first scrapped movie kaiju character.

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