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The Atomic Guardian
Alien Bat
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Bagorah (バゴラ) is a Alien Bat like kaiju and is owned by Dogolas


The Return of BirthGoji


Bagorah Vs Birthgoji Round two: 



Advanced Hearing: Bagorah possessed unfathomably accurate hearing, able to hear even into the farthest depths of space

Flight: Bagorah can fly at remarkable speeds, able to travel to Earth from deep space in a rather short period of time. He can fly up to speeds of mach 3. 

Sonic Waves: Bagorah could emit high-frequency sound waves, and is used as a form of echolocation when traveling through space. The sonic waves have destructive capabilities, being able to damage hearing, shatter glass, and in one case, battle A Certain Gojirans Atomic Breath

Sound Blasts: Bagorah could unleash powerful concentrated sound blasts from his mouth at his prey while using his echolocation abilities

Sharp Teeth: Baograh's teeth are very sharp, being able to dig through a Gojiran's skin or even damage mechas.

Sharp Talons: Bagorah likewise also had very sharp talons, able to cut through flesh and metal rather easily. 


Bagorah was mainly more animalistic and chaotic, mainly not caring about anyone or anything but himself and while may not have been capable of speech, Bagorah proved himself to show himself as a highly intelligent and cunning enemy. Highly carnivorous, competitive, sadistic and unpredictable, Bagorah was one of the more deadly threats to come from space. As Cyber-Bagorah, Bagorah became even more ruthless and cold, being determined on killing his main enemy, BirthGoji.


  • Bagorah was BirthGoji's first opponent and starter villain. 
  • During their climactic and final battle, Bagorah decided to try and kill BirthGojis adoptive mother, Azusa Gojo. This...was not the best of his ideas as after about 50 minutes later of battling with birthgoji in the sea, the only thing left of bagorah was a severed head. These were the following injuries Bagorah sustained during the underwater brawl: Massive decapitation, Broken Jaw, Broken collar bone (in several places), Dislocated Right Shoulder, Decapitated arm, Broken right arm (in multiple different places), Cracked rips that were so cracked they were practically dust, Two Punctured Lungs, third degree burns from Atomic Breath, and everything from the waist down was either broken, dislocated, or decapitated.