Used by
Jay's Wing
Gomora, Kamen Rider Accel
Rotgeist, Onacha, Gigan 2007, Megalon 2007, King Ghidorah 2007
25 meters
100 meters
Earth Defenders
Pipeworks Character

Baragon 2007 (also known as Unleashed Baragon or just Baragon) is an earth kaiju, guardian of earth, and RP character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Baragon, being a bestial kaiju, doesn't speak. However, he does still have sentience. Bargon is a guardian kaiju who will protect the Earth with his life. He particularly hates alien invasions, as he was mind-controlled as a part of one before.


Baragon was living on Monster Island during his first appearance and during the War of 2007. Instead of escaping the island like the rest, he was completely put under control by the crystals and went berserk, only stopping when the crystals were destroyed by Orga 2007. However, Orga still fought and defeated the earth kaiju, even after he was out of the crystals' control.

His second fight after that was still on Monster Island, where he saw that Megaguirus 2007, Krystalak, and Megalon 2007 had invaded. Megaguirus and Krystalak had the advantage, as they were a team and Megalon/Baragon weren't. The two were forced to team up, but after Megaguirus was taken down, Baragon turned on Megalon and knocked him out. After a short battle afterwards, Krystalak fled, leaving Baragon as the winner.

His third and final fight of 2007 was in Osaka, where he fought against 2007 Battra in Toronto, Candada. Although Baragon had the edge, Battra made an avalanche with his prism beams that knocked out the earthen kaiju and buried him in the snow for years.

Baragon was then put into hibernation for a long appearance until a string of alien invasions. He burst out of the ground in Chongqing and battled fiercely with two invaders, along with Gomora and Kamen Rider Accel. Although Rotgeist interrupted, he was able to kill Megalon by gouging one eye out with his horn and the other with his claws, and breathing fire through the sockets to roast the inside of Megalon's head. He also battled the powerful newcomer once he arrived with Gomora, but was swiftly knocked out by Ghidorah, taking him out of the fight.


  • Sharp Horn
  • Claws, teeth, etc.
  • Can burrow underground at Mach 2
  • Fire breath
  • Can cause lava to come out of the ground
  • Extraordinary jumper

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