Baron Gumballer
Baron Gumballer
Used by
Glass Poltergeist, Gumball-Gunners
WolfMask, FlamingoMask
Armored Gumball-Machine Monster
8 ft. 4 in.
Seize them! Leave none of them alive! „ 

— Baron Gumballer


— Baron Gumballer's last words.

Baron Gumballer (バロン・ガンバラー, Baron Ganbarā) is a gumball-machine themed kaijin and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Baron Gumballer is a commanding, harsh and very authoritative kaijin. He is very crazy, loves battle and likes to see his opponents suffer.


Debut and Death: The Shadowbloods' Encounter: Wolf Meets Bird

Baron Gumballer was summoned by Glass Poltergeist to attack both FlamingoMask and WolfMask. Baron Gumballer appeared to FlamingoMask and WolfMask by causing an explosion near them, blowing them away as well as scaring off many citizens. As FlamingoMask and WolfMask both got back up, Baron Gumballer revealed himself. Glass Poltergeist then showed up and taunted the two Shadowbloods, saying that they couldn't stand a chance. Glass Poltergeist then ordered Baron Gumballer to take down WolfMask and FlamingoMask and then disappeared. Baron Gumballer then advanced towards the two Shadowbloods.

Baron Gumballer then fired some napalm gumballs at the two, but they managed to get out of the way in time. Baron Gumballer then fired a stream of flames from his mouth at the two. FlamingoMask then summoned his Light Shield and rushed to WolfMask's side, protecting both him and WolfMask from Baron Gumballer's flames. Baron Gumballer then flicked his cape and raised his staff in the air, summoning a group of gumball-themed gunmen known as Gumball-Gunners to attack WolfMask and FlamingoMask.

Baron Gumballer himself then started to attack WolfMask. Baron Gumballer then swung his staff, firing a few napalm gumballs at WolfMask. WolfMask then countered it with an explosive darkness punch, creating a fused collision between the two. Baron Gumballer staggered back and then slashed at WolfMask with his claws; WolfMask then used his enhanced senses to sense the claws, before using his reflexes to swiftly lean back, going for a stabbing punch with his claws to the gut. Baron Gumballer was hit badly by the move, and then retaliated by firing another stream of flames against WolfMask. WolfMask then used his super speed to avoid the flames, going in below and performing a deep elbow attack to the gut area again.

Baron Gumballer then became utterly furious and then swung his staff against WolfMask; striking him down. WolfMask then backflipped, obtaining his battle stance again. WolfMask then put his palms together, blasting his Wolf Beam at Baron Gumballer, doing major damage against Baron Gumballer, also causing sparks to fly out. FlamingoMask then returned to fight back, firing a Light Beam against Baron Gumballer. Baron Gumballer was then finished off by the combined attacks of WolfMask's Wolf Kick and FlamingoMask's Flamingo Kick, destroying him. As Baron Gumballer said his last words he then fell down to the ground and exploded into a massive explosion, ending his reign of terror.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Strength: Baron Gumballer was very strong.
  • Flamethrower: Baron Gumballer could fire a powerful stream of flames from his vertical mouth.
  • Staff: Baron Gumballer could shoot out highly explosive napalm gumballs from his staff as well summon and command his own mooks the Gumball-Gunners.
    • Gumball-Gunners: Baron Gumballer was capable of summoning his own minions (the Gumball-Gunners).
    • Napalm Gumballs: Baron Gumballer could shoot these explosive projectiles from his staff.


Baron Gumballer Concept Art

Baron Gumballer Concept Art

  • Baron Gumballer is the first (and so far only) of Glass Poltergeist's kaijin to have his own personal footsoldiers (the Gumball-Gunners).
  • Baron Gumballer was originally going to be the first enemy sent out to fight FlamingoMask; but was delayed.
  • Baron Gumballer's original names were "Warlock Gumball" and "Gumball Maijin".