Used by
Kamen Rider Phantom, Humans
Basketball Monster
10 ft. 2 in.
Who's up to play a game?... „ 

— Basketive

I shoot, I score! „ 

— Basketive

Basketive is a basketball kaijin and a RP character conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Basketive is a boisterous, macho, reckless and cocky thug whose obsessed with basketball and likes beating people up to prove he's the best.


Debut and Death: The Savior of Souls vs. the Player of Explosions

As a mysterious streak of lighting flashed across the other side of Tokyo, a basketball was struck by the lighting. Smoke then filled the area; when it finally cleared, a muscular and large figure stood out form the ground; Basketive. Basketive began to wreak havoc right away, this time hurling his explosive basketballs at civilians.

Before they could actually hit the civilians though, Soyuma appeared in front of them, emitting another white light. Soyuma then transformed into Kamen Rider Phantom, going up to fight against Basketive. Basketive took notice of Kamen Rider Phantom, seeing him as another challenger of his. Basketive then hurled his explosive basketballs at Kamen Rider Phantom. Phantom was sent flying, and crashes onto a car, injuring himself. Basketive laughed and then continued to wreak havoc on Tokyo.

Basketive walked around wreaking havoc by hurling his basketballs at people and people's cars, but he was once intervened by Kamen Rider Phantom. Phantom ran in, kneeing Basketive from the back of his head. Kamen Rider Phantom and Basketive then resume their fight; Phantom blasting at Basketive with his gun, but Basketive kicked at Phantom hard, sending him staggering back. Kamen Rider Phantom realized that in order to beat Basketive he would have to use intelligence, not vengeance; with that he then transformed into Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom.

Basketive then hurled one of his explosive basketballs at Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom; but Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom simply speared at the basketball, stopping it from exploding on him and deflecting it back towards Basketive. Enraged, Basketive hurled three more basketballs at Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom, only to repeat the same trick, inflicting damage against Basketive. Further enraged, Basketive fired his Electroshock power against Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom, but Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom though ahead, spinning the spear in a circular motion, causing the wind from the electricity to direct in all directions and right back at Basketive.

Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom then charged at Basketive and rammed his spear into Basketive's chest. Basketive fought back, attempting to knock Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom off of his chest by slashing at him, but Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom kicked him in the chest, causing Basketive to stagger back. Basketive then summoned a large, spikey basketball at Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom, but ultimately Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom managed to avoid most of the attack. Basketive then charged at Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom intent on destroying him.

Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom stood his ground, and then threw his spear in the air, and jabbed Basketive full-force in the chest twice. Seeker Kamen Rider Phantom then finished off Basketive by throwing his spear at Basketive. The spear traveled at very high speeds and impaled right into Basketive, making a hole in his chest. Basketive then began to combust and spark, before finally falling over and exploding, killing him and ending his rampage on the city.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Enhanced Strength: Basketive was incredibly strong and able of tanking many hits.
  • Basketballs: Basketive can summon in explosive basketballs he can use to hurl at his opponents to cause major damage.
  • Electroshock: Basketive can blast out streams of electricity from his hands.
  • Spike-Basketball: Basketive's ultimate attack; Basketive can summon a giant, non-explosive spikey basketball from the ground and hurl it at his enemies, intent on crushing them.


You again, chump? I suppose you want to go for Round 2 then. Repent my sins? Ha-ha, dream on. „ 

— Basketive insulting Kamen Rider Phantom

How about let's see how you can handle the ball. „ 

— Basketive

Score! „ 

— Basketive


  • Basketive's name is a pun off of both the physics; positive and negative energy, as well as being a combo of the word "basketball". This is also present by the positive and negative energy symbols that appear on his knees and on the palms of his hands.
  • Basketive is based off an old monster sketch Gallibon the Destroyer made back in 2008.

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