Meesmoth's "Battle of" Series
Battle of Birth Island
Battle of Devil's Island
Battle of Birth Island
Date Performed
May 10, 2015
Mechagodzilla 5
Little Godzilla
Battlefield Battra

Battle of Birth Island is a event that took place on May 10, 2015 in Birth Island.

The first installment of Meesmoth's Battle of series.



A group of kaiju emerges near Birth Island, it turns out to be a attack. so the kaijus fight against the attackers and MechaGodzilla 5 was dispatched, Atmos almost destroyed the mecha by crashing it into the ocean. so they dispatched their alternative mecha that is on repairs: Neo-Moguera.

After a long fight, Neo-Moguera was buried by Obsidian. so the people on the Command Center tries to escape on their battleship, but it was destroyed by Glacier.

After the fight, the monsters retreated to the nearby Devil's Island.

Major Events

  • This is the final appearance of MechaGodzilla 5 and Neo-Moguera in the RPverse.
  • There are no monsters died in the battle, the only exceptions are MechaGodzilla 5 and Neo-Moguera.
  • After the battle, the new owner of Birth Island is DrGodzilla120. but when he was banned, Birth Island was taken over by Flaredragon00. Since his return, however, the island has returned to his ownership.


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