The Battle of Hong Kong was a battle that took place on July 2, 2014 in Hong Kong, China.



Outcome: Okami Muto is defeated with a purple scar across his chest.
He falls into a coma.
FoxMask, Shinji and Elder Moon God win.
Grand! HyperKeizer and Zardoris tie.

Anguirus defeats M/W Muto and ties with Fe Muto.

Brief Summary:

FM is empowered by the Moon's energy, gets the Lance of Longinus from Moon Elder God, kills Blade Giz, prevents her children from hatching, kills Darkness Giz and drains her energy, and defeats (and scars) Okami Muto. Anguirus fights Male and FeMuto (Briefly with Zardoris) , rips off Male Muto's wing and throws him into the ocean, and he and FeMuto leave.

Major events

  • City of Hong Kong completely decimated.
  • Okami Muto is finally defeated and enters a coma.
  • Okami Muto is given gear that allows him to speak and hear in a coma. He allies with Zar to defeat FoxMask.
  • Dracoruss allies with FoxMask in case Okami seeks revenge.
  • Male/Winged Muto loses his right wing temporarily.