The Battle of London was a battle that took place on July 3, 2014 in London, England.



Outcome: Dracoruss and FoxMask win. Okami Muto is vaporized. Zardoris is heavily injured.

After Okami Muto returns from his battle with FoxMask, Zardoris states he wants to fight FoxMask too. Okami Muto flies a rocket out with an invitation for FoxMask to battle them in London. Okami and Zar fly to London to find FoxMask perched atop Big Ben. FoxMask states his partner should arrive soon, and his partner is revealed to be Dracoruss. The four then begin their battle.

FoxMask divebombs into Zardoris, while Dracoruss performs a Firestorm Wing attack. Zardoris shouts that he'll take on FoxMask while Okami Muto clashes with Dracoruss. Dracoruss sets his lower jaw on fire, and Okami realizes what he's doing and flies away. FoxMask drags Okami back into the battle, and states to Dracoruss he has a plan. Dracoruss agrees, and FoxMask enters Dracoruss, causing his Shadowclaw manifestation to emerge, while Dracoruss is in control.

Dracoruss impales Okami on his talons and blasts him. Okami Muto is wounded, but keeps fighting. Zardoris, Okami, and Dracoruss clash for a moment, but Dracoruss then performs his Dragon Flame Jaw Strike on Okami Muto. FoxMask states that he'll handle Zardoris while Dracoruss battles Okami Muto, and exits his body, causing Dracoruss to revert to his normal Flamejaw form.

Dracoruss's Dragon Flame Jaw Strike overpowers Okami Muto, and Okami Muto is destroyed in a blast of fire. Dracoruss then flies over to FoxMask to help him combat Zardoris.

Zardoris mourns for Okami's death. While Zardoris is distracted, Dracoruss performs the DFJS on him, causing an explosion to happen inside Zardoris. Zardoris survives, but is wounded heavily. FoxMask punches through Zardoris, while Dracoruss charges another DFJS and attacks. Zardoris is wounded heavily, but still survives. Dracoruss tries a final DFJS on Zardoris's throat, but he somehow still survives. FoxMask tells Dracoruss that the fight is over and asks him to stop.

Zardoris flees to mourn Okami Muto's death while Dracoruss and FoxMask congratulate each other on a battle well done.

Later, a figure appears in the shadows and a wolf howl is heard. As Oxyon jumps to fight against the powerful U-Killersaurus Neo, Oxyon proves himself to be a great fighter, even tough U-Killersaurus is several times taller than him, Oxyon's main strategy is annoying U-Killersaurus Neo by calling him "Walmart Redking ripoff" and firing the Oxygen Blaster into U-Killersaurus Neo's mouth. But even though this is useful at the beginning, U-Killersaurus Neo grabs Oxyon and throws him away, smashes him with the Big Ben, and almost kills him. Oxyon will be rebuilt for round 2 eventually.

Important events

  • Dracoruss and FoxMask create a signature move.
  • Okami Muto appears to be killed.
  • Zardoris is heavily injured.
  • Oxyon almost dies in a battle with U-Killersaurus Neo
  • London is decimated.


  • Okami Muto (Supposedly)