The Battle of Osaka took place on April 20, 2015.



Inferno Desghidorah appears in Nagoya and destroys the city with little effort. He tries Osaka next, but Coyote Tango steps in. This then leads to an epic and long fight, with neither side having an advantage. When Coyote brings out a finisher move, DSG gains immense power from an eruption of lava. While it seems that DesGhido is about to win, the power is too much, and DSG's body overloads. He then releases a massive burst of energy that decimates Osaka. When Coyote reawakens, DesGhidorah is gone without a trace.

Major Events

  • Nagoya is destroyed.
  • Osaka is completely leveled.
  • Inferno DSG is severely injured, but escapes.
  • Coyote Tango is severely wounded.

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