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Jay's Wing
Makia, Taokaka, M, Gildefrum, Nekrodrake, Heisei Gamera, Sucho, IguanaGoji, Gipsy Danger, Anguirus
Obsidian, Trahir, Crystalleon, Gamoni, Hitodah, Firefox, Frostfox, Jiger, Grand King Ghidorah, King Joe Black, SpookGoji
160 meters

— Baymax during The Battle of Lansing

BMX (Referred by himself and by others as just "Baymax"), is a robotic mecha and Role-Play Character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Baymax, despite being a robot, somehow has a personality. He's very boisterous and has a sense of humor, even in battles. However, Baymax is quick to lose his cool in a fight, either panicking when he's damaged or getting frustrated when opponents dodge all of his attacks. He's also often surprisingly clumsy in the beginning of a battle, although he picks it up and uses his wide arsenal creatively to attack.



Makia is Baymax's best friend and primary ally. The two have a healthy friendship and work well together in fights. Despite their good terms with each other, Baymax still often confuses Makia's gender as female instead of male. As well as this, Baymax doesn't like it when Makia slacks off during fights, and makes sure to keep him working and on-track before the Gojiran can go and drink some Mt. Dew.


Gamoni is one Baymax's biggest enemies. On two occasions they have fought each other, and both times it was a brutal and long fight. Baymax especially hates how Gamoni will switch languages from French to English and back-and-forth.


Despite FoxMask being a very well-known hero, Baymax doesn't have a great relationship with him. Although not an enemy of the shadowblood, Baymax only remembers the battle of Lansing, when FoxMask left the Neo Empire alone for the benefit of his followers, who died anyways when Lansing was entirely blown up.


Obsidian is another one of Baymax's big enemies. Despite only having battled him once, in Lansing, it was an absurdly long, brutal, and grueling fight that ended up inconclusive in its result. Baymax hopes to meet Obsidian again one day to settle the score with him.


Anguirus and Baymax are on very good terms, even though they've only met once. Their similar comedic, bombastic personalities combined with their great synergy in battle makes them both great friends and great battle partners.



The Battles of Detroit and Lansing

In Detroit, Michigan, a huge battle raged on. The mecha Gildefrum and Gojiran Makia were battling against a number of the Neo Empire's troops, including the leader Trahir, Hitodah, and Gamoni. As the fight progressed, Baymax landed, turning his left arm into a chainsaw as Hitodah came forward to fight him.

As he boasted, Baymax was surprised when Hitodah blasted him with heat vision. As Baymax slashed at Hitodah with his chainsaw arm, the giant starfish disappeared to dodge it and re-appeared behind Baymax, only to be slashed anyways when he gave his position away by boasting. As Hitodah tried to fly off, Baymax sent him crashing into a building with a beam of electricity.

Gamoni tried to ambush Baymax and punch him, but it didn't work very well. Not amused, Baymax unloaded a flamethrower from his right wrist into Gamoni's face, repelling her. Suddenly, Baymax was confused as Gamoni started speaking in French. As he tried to translate, Gamoni hit Baymax with energy tojo-blades from her wrists, making him turn his arm into a plasma launcher and launch it at Gamoni. At the same time, they noticed that BMX was etched into him, and that the two a's and the y were just crudely drawn on. Baymax had been revealed!

Baymax avoided green fireballs sent out by Gamoni, and slashed her whip with his chainsaw arm as she tried to attack him with it. Gamoni fired a mad frenzy of tojo-blades at Baymax; the giant robot absorbed some of the damage as he turned his arm back into a plasma launcher. As Makia saw Baymax and asked him if he was a good guy, the mech had to spend a few seconds switching from insulting Gamoni in French to English while he blasted her with a more powerful plasma sphere.

As he showed off how he could also turn his arm into a sledgehammer, Hitodah suddenly reappeared and blasted both him and Makia with heat vision. Flinching from it, Baymax got to make a demonstration as he used the jets on his feet to fly forwards and smash Hitodah into a building with it. As Gamoni alerted Trahir of Baymax's arrival, the giant mecha tossed up a building before slamming it with his sledgehammer arm, making it fly forwards and right into Hitodah.

Hitodah suddenly vanished before appearing behind Makia and Baymax, blasting both of them with a strong blast of heat vision. As Makia was sent flying, Baymax transformed his arm into a chainsaw and sliced Hitodah with it, making him follow Makia's path. Trahir stepped in next, holding Makia and Baymax in place until one of Gildefrum's beams slammed into him. This drove Trahir into a frenzy, making him ruthlessly attack Gildefrum.

As Baymax declared that he "knew what to do", epic music started to play around the fight. No, seriously. As he looked around, Baymax flicked a switch that made the music insanely loud. Saying it was too loud, Baymax pressed another button, shutting off the music and giving him speakers on his shoulders. As Baymax began to assault Trahir with blasts of sound, Gamoni began to duke it out. Not wanting to leave Makia hanging, Baymax insulted Gamoni in French once again before hitting her with a large sonic blast.

Je ne peux pas supporter de regarder votre visage hideux pendant plus de deux secondes, et je suis un robot! „ 

— Baymax burning Gamoni in French.

Gamoni used Makia as a shield. Burning her in French so hard that Trahir commented on it, Baymax flew at Gamoni and uppercutted her, only to be smashed by her fists hard. Next, Baymax continued to blast Gamoni with his flamethrower. As the space alien used a building as a shield, Baymax turned his arm into a sledgehammer and slammed right through it and into her. As Gamoni threw a building at Baymax, Makia tripped her with his tail. Baymax turned his arm back into a chainsaw, cutting through the building and trying to slash the downed alien, who rolled out of the way just in time.

As Gamoni clawed at Makia, making him bleed, Baymax unloaded two sonic blasts into the back of her head that sent her flying through several buildings. As Baymax's eyes glowed red, firing into Gamoni's location, the space alien crawled out of the wreckage. As her limb enhancer hands became blades, she began to monologue about how she would not be so easily beaten by then.

Baymax just told her to do so then, hovering in place and playing elevator music. As Gamoni insulted Baymax in French, the giant mecha told her in French to stick to one language before making a blinding red flash of light from his eyes. Gamoni tried to hit Baymax with her weapons, but they only slashed the air where he once was. Behind her, Baymax paralyzed Gamoni with paralysis missiles.

Just when he began to cut into Gamoni with red lasers, Hitodah came up from behind and slammed into Baymax, unfortunately making him fall on Gamoni and make the lasers go in deeper. As Hitodah rescued Gamoni, Baymax hit the starfish kaiju with a point-blank blast that launched the two away from each other. As he blasted Hitodah with a plasma sphere, the starfish kaiju fell and emitted red gas across Detroit.

As Gildefrum fought Makia, Baymax tried to ignore the two, first using his flamethrower on the gas and then flying above the city, looking for Gamoni or Hitodah in the smoke. Charging up his eye lasers again, Baymax gave up and flew back to Gildefrum and Makia's location. There, Trahir was fighting Gildefrum. Trahir would just block all of Baymax's attacks, so he just left and searched for another Neo Empire member.

As he and Makia searched, a new Earth Defender named Taokaka appeared! Makia screamed like he was being killed, so Baymax flew to help before realizing it was a false alarm. As Detroit caught on fire from Trahir, Baymax realized that Lansing was being attacked and flew towards the city, Makia and Taokaka following close behind the mecha.

When the three arrived, they saw Crystalleon and Obsidian leading the attack on Lansing with hordes of soldiers. Obsidian ordered his soldiers to fire, and they shot countless energy blasts at the trio of heroes. As Baymax absorbed most of the energy blasts, the kaiju-sized mecha first killed the soldiers with missiles and then with his crimson eye lasers.

As Baymax, Taokaka, and Makia took out soldiers, FoxMask made an appearance as a soldier tried attacking a church of him. Claiming he was God himself now, FoxMask told the soldier to leave. Killing him, FoxMask then struck a deal with Obsidian and Crystalleon, with the latter two promising to not harm his followers as long as the deity didn't interfere. Just like that, FoxMask was gone.

Meanwhile, Baymax incinerated a group of soldiers with a plasma sphere. As he goaded the two leaders, saying that their minions were being shredded, Baymax was suddenly pulled towards Obsidian by a black chain. Making the most out of it, Baymax used the momentum to try and slash Obsidian with his chainsaw arm, only for it to be blocked by a bone blade. Obsidian and Baymax countered each other's beams with their blast of flames for the former and a beam of electricity for the latter, and Obsidian whipped a paralysis missile shot by Baymax to detonate the missile prematurely.

The Battle of Lansing (Part 2)

As Makia and Taokaka continued to battle Crystalleon, Baymax flew backwards and tried to cut into Obsidian with his red eye lasers. As Obsidian countered it with flames, Baymax suddenly unleashed a sonic blast that knocked back the magma Varan. Roaring, Obsidian stomped on the ground and made earth spikes fly up at Baymax; the giant mech was only hit by one, but gracefully dodged all the rest.

Obsidian sent molten earth up at Baymax. Turning his arm into an energy launcher, Baymax narrowly dodged it and sent a plasma sphere at Obsidian, who also dodged the attack. Using fire to blast himself towards Baymax, Obsidian barely avoided the robot's sledgehammer arm swing and whipped at him with his chains, which Baymax used a sonic blast to repel.

Next, Baymax sent another beam of electricity at Obsidian, who took the hit and increased the heat in his chains before whipping them again. As Baymax slashed the chain with his chainsaw arm, deflecting but not breaking it, Crystalleon unleashed the power of his Zanpakuto: he was now in green-scaled armor, had a sword with snake-like designs on the hilt and guard, and had a large, green snake slithering around him. Needless to say, Makia and Taokaka were in trouble.

Back to Baymax and Obsidian: the giant mech stunned the Varan with a red flash of light, appearing behind him and clashing against the villain's bone blade with his chainsaw arm. Turning his right arm into a flail, Baymax smashed Obsidian with it, only to be hit by the magma-kaiju's chain in response. As Baymax swung again, Obsidian countered it this time with his chain.

Wrapping his chain around the flail and pulling, Obsidian tried to pull Baymax towards him as the robot tried to fly away. Suddenly Baymax stopped and let himself fly towards Obsidian, his chainsaw arm pointed at him, only to be unwrapped and flung into a building instead. Getting up, Baymax sent homing missiles at Obsidian that were countered by the lava monster's chains.

As Baymax hovered suspiciously, glowing red, Crystalleon had defeated Makia. As Baymax whistled even more suspiciously as a white circle on his chest filled up with red, Crystalleon was stopped from finishing off Makia by Trahir. As Baymax stopped glowing and the circle filled red, the robot expressing his surprise at his strategy actually working, a strange humanoid creature appeared, communicating telepathically.

It doesn't wear off over time, it wears o-err, I shouldn't tell you that. „ 

— Baymax to Obsidian.

Obsidian blasted himself away, Baymax in hot pursuit of the villainous kaiju. Eventually Obsidian stopped as Baymax began to explain that running to exhaust his energy wouldn't work. In contrast to the humanoid creature revealed as M introducing himself to Makia, Baymax just slashed at Obsidian with his chainsaw arm, which was now glowing red. Obsidian blocked it, and as Baymax stunned him with another flash of light, Obsidian blocked Baymax's second paralysis missile with his chains again.

Makia tried to come to Baymax's aid, only to be bitten into by the snake. However, Baymax didn't seem to need help to hold his own, blasting Obsidian backwards with an augmented plasma sphere. However, as Obsidian's chains glowed red, the two were interrupted as a new figure entered through a portal. The new contender was an Earth Defender, a lava-engulfed Gojiran named Nekrodrake.

Taking the opportunity from the distraction, Baymax lunged at Obsidian, barely missing with his chainsaw arm. However, Obsidian was soon after cut into by crimson lasers. While noticeable wounds appeared on the lava-born kaiju, Baymax was almost untouched, although in contrast the circle on his chest was now half-empty of red.

As Obsidian's chains glowed an extreme red, Baymax accidentally increased the heat with his eye lasers. Thrashing the chains on the ground, Obsidian made two huge arcs of heat that rocketed towards Baymax. Although he was able to use the rest of his red energy to counter one of them with a huge blast of electricity, Baymax sustained major damage after being hit by the second arc of heat. M asked Baymax how he was doing as Nekrodrake kept Crystalleon at bay, telling Makia to help fight Obsidian. For some reason, however, neither M nor Makia decided to try and help Baymax.

Some of my armor feels like its melting off, but other than that, yeah... „ 

— Baymax to M.

Smoking from where he was hit, Baymax replied and sent a strong sonic boom at Obsidian, blasting the villain backwards. As Obsidian whipped the smoking area with his chains, Baymax insisted he was okay, slashing Obsidian with his chainsaw arm and firing a paralysis missile into his shoulder.

I'm okay! I'm okay I'm okay! I'm okay! „ 

— Baymax is okay.

Obsidian continued to whip Baymax in his smoking areas. As sparks began to light, Baymax ignored it and kept slashing, with Obsidian only being to block half of them. However, Obsidian wouldn't give up, and as Makia talked about how he could really go for a pizza right now, the volcanic Varan kept attacking Baymax with the flaming chains, until...


— Baymax is not okay.

As his back was completely set on fire, Baymax launched a point-blank sonic blast that damaged Obsidian and launched the two away from each other. At this point, things just seemed to delve into utter chaos. Obsidian blasted more fire at Baymax, who repeatedly blasted himself all around Lansing with sonic booms. Makia asked where Trahir was, only to scream in terror as the big bad appeared right in front of him. M did nothing as Nekrodrake continued to battle Crystalleon like absolutely nothing abnormal was going on.

That was kind of humiliating... „ 

— Baymax is embarrassed.

Mechanically hyperventilating, Baymax finally put out the fire on him. As Nekrodrake fought Crystalleon, Trahir and Makia were having a "Yo mama" battle. As Baymax continued to cool off his ruined back armor and reached Obsidian, ready for Round 2, Trahir and Makia's "Yo mama" battle intensified. Meanwhile, Crystalleon went into his Bankai form, ready to finally defeat Nekrodrake...but not really for a while.

Hello? Uh, Round 2? „ 

— Round 2?

Baymax recharged his battery until Obsidian blasted fire at his previously smoking spot, only to miss. As Obsidian countered Baymax's electricity with his fire, Makia was spitting verbal fire, because he utterly burned Trahir! However, Trahir then literally burned Makia with actual hellfire. As Baymax launched more useless homing missiles at Obsidian that were useless, the giant robot looked through his arsenal for new weapons.

Still looking for new weapons, Baymax assaulted Obsidian with red lasers, actually damaging the magma monster as his chains heated up again. As Nekrodrake kept fighting Bankai Crystalleon, M prepared to battle Trahir, and Taokaka returned, Baymax blasted Obsidian back with a sonic boom as the villainous kaiju's chains heated up and became more intense in their red glow.

As M and Taokaka came to help Baymax, he insisted he could handle it, charging up with red energy as Obsidian prepared as well. At this point, the battle became more vicious. Obsidian whipped both of his chains as Baymax; only one hit, but it released the same giant heat blast, making the area smoke again. In response, Baymax sliced through Obsidian's flesh with his chainsaw arm, doing great damage to the evil kaiju.

Makia noted that it seemed like Baymax and Nekrodrake were doing all the work as Baymax turned his arm into a plasma launcher again and pointed it at Obsidian's face before firing twice, with the blasts being countered by fire blasts but still doing damage. His back smoking, Baymax blasted Obsidian with another plasma sphere as villain countered it and blasted himself behind the robotic kaiju, trying to whip his back with the chains. This time Baymax was able to dodge the attacks and slashed at Obsidian's throat with the chainsaw, with the villain blasting himself back to barely avoid it. Taking a second to cool down the smoke on his back, Baymax charged again, firing a beam of electricity at Obsidian along the way.

The Battle of Lansing (Part 3)

Avoiding the electricity, Obsidian sent a blast of hellfire at Baymax, who narrowly avoided it himself and slashed into Obsidian with his chainsaw arm. Then, Obsidian tried to do some weird, crazy move: he wrapped a chain around Baymax's leg, swung his arm, sending Baymax outwards with the chain, then unwraps it mid-air. However, Baymax just used the jets on his feet to steady himself, making that really cool attack basically useless.

On the other side of the city, Nekrodrake was still fighting Bankai Crystalleon. This battle wasn't really going anywhere either. Bankai Crystalleon would attack with acid/corona beams, only for Nekrodrake to counter it with his own acid/nuclear beams, and vice versa. At the same time, Trahir was fighting Makia, M, and Taokaka at the same time. As Taokaka used her "I'm gonna beat the crap outta you!" move on Trahir, the evil hybrid kaiju made three tentacles that stabbed into each of his three opponents.

Meanwhile, Baymax made another flash of red light that blinded Obsidian, and before the light faded he had slammed both his sledgehammer and his flail arm into the evil volcano kaiju. Slamming them both into Obsidian again, Baymax knew what the volcano kaiju was doing when his chains heated up and leaped back, firing another sonic blast at his opponent.

Back to the other side of the city! Nekrodrake slashed Bankai Crystalleon as the SpaceGojiran beam-spammed him, before making an acid shield and beam-spamming Bankai Crystalleon with his own acid/nuclear beams. Makia, M, and Taokaka were fighting off Trahir's tentacles. As Makia boasted about how it was so easy and how he must not be even trying, Trahir blasted Makia backwards with a tremendously powerful kamekameha.

Baymax hovered up, blasting Obsidian with sonic waves and electricity beams that only hit about half of the time. As Obsidian flung his chains back up at him, the giant robot blasted the volcanic kaiju with another plasma sphere. However, the chains created two more heat beams that converged into one massive blast of flames that hurtled straight at Baymax.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Lansing, Nekrodrake and Bankai Crystalleon were still fighting. Trahir blasted his three opponents with hellfire; Makia and Taokaka were sent flying, but M still stood. As Nekrodrake and Bankai Crystalleon cancelled their beams out for the 86th time, the two stabbed each other at the same time before Nekrodrake quickly slashed Bankai Crystalleon's sword arm.

Baymax launched himself away from the blasts and right into a building. Getting up, Baymax watched as Obsidian sent chains at him and the heat beam split up again. Using a building as a shield for the chains, Baymax countered one heat wave before getting blasted by the other, his white circle now filling up steadily in red. Swinging his sledgehammmer at Obsidian, Baymax said it sucked even though he had hit and switched to his chainsaw arm, slashing Obsidian with it.

The Battle of Lansing (Part 4)

Once again, Nekrodrake and Bankai Crystalleon cancelled their attacks out, this time with it being energy slashes. As well as this, the battle between Trahir and Makia, Taokaka, and M had ended inconclusively with both teams leaving Lansing. Meanwhile, Obsidian tried to make a move on Baymax. Dodging a sledgehammer and flail swing aimed for his head, Obsidian tied Baymax's arms together with the chains and leaped behind him to hold his arms against his body. However, Baymax was able to break out of it before Obsidian could grapple him, blasting the volcanic Varan with missiles and electricity beams.

As Obsidian manipulated fire to make a sword and slash at Baymax, the kaiju-sized robot avoided it by hitting Obsidian point-blank with a sonic blast. As the magma-focused kaiju kept on slashing, Baymax kept dodging the attacks. Turning his left arm into a chainsaw once again, Baymax slashed at the chains only to be told that they were nearly indestructible.

As Obsidian tried to stab Baymax again with his flame blade, the giant mech ducked under it and uppercutted the evil kaiju, firing a paralysis missile at the same time from his wrist that sent him flying onto his back. On the other side of things, Nekrodrake being inflicted with poison combined with the blood loss made him barely conscious, but he kept on fighting Bankai Crystalleon, never giving up.

As Obsidian tried to wrap his chain around Baymax's neck, the robotic giant blocked it with one arm, slashing at the Volcanic Varan's chest with the other chainsaw arm. Rolling to the side to avoid the slash, Obsidian used the chain around Baymax's arm to throw him into some buildings. Getting rid of the flame sword, Obsidian sent a pack of fireballs at Baymax, who countered them with his own spheres of plasma energy.

As he attached something to his flail arm, Baymax swung it around and around, picking up momentum. Obsidian prepared to dodge, but Baymax had known: dodging wouldn't help against this attack. Finally, Baymax slashed the chain on his flail with his chainsaw arm, sending the spiked ball hurtling towards the magma kaiju. As it got close enough to dodge, however, Baymax detonated the multiple explosives on the spiked ball, making a large explosion of energy that blasted Obsidian backwards.

The Battle of Lansing (Part 5)

Someone teleported to Sucho, telling him he had to get to Lansing quickly. As Sucho flash-stepped to the city, he saw the severely-wounded Nekrodrake on the ground, with Bankai Crystalleon towering over him. In a last attack, Nekrodrake charged forward again, jumping up and punching Crystalleon in the face before falling to the ground, unable to move. At the same time, Baymax avoided Obsidian as he glowed with green energy, his circle filling green instead of red. On top of that as well, M and Taokaka were back into the fight again, but they had noticed that Makia had gone missing.

It was soon revealed that Makia was just slacking off, drinking a ton of Mt. Dew. M and Taokaka ran into him and asked him why he wasn't fighting Trahir. After complaining that Trahir was too strong and that he was thirsty himself, Makia was convinced into coming back by the two. During this comedy act, Nekrodrake was dying, and Baymax's circle filled completely green as he prepared to initiate Round 3 with Obsidian.

Bankai Crystalleon was about to finish off Nekrodrake, but had second thoughts. He had thought that Nekrodrake had been an interesting opponent. However, before he could decide, Bankai Crystalleon noticed Sucho. As the Gojiran approached and drew his Zanpakuto, Bankai Crystalleon backed away, noting how Nekrodrake was dying. as Nekrodrake coughed up blood, Sucho made his decision and grabbed Nekrodrake before flash-stepping away.

Nekrodrake was sent to Gira, who introduced himself. Meanwhile, Baymax was still fighting Obsidian. The green orb on his chest flashing, Baymax sent out a giant green laser that engulfed both Baymax and Obsidian in a green explosion of energy and decimated the 5 or so buildings left in Lansing. Obsidian rose, heavily wounded. However, the chains were now so hot that the light radiating off of them was almost blinding. Screaming in rage, Obsidian unleashed two ENORMOUS blasts of heat at Baymax from the chains.


— Baymax being chased by heat waves.

As Taokaka and Makia arrived in Lansing, ready to fight Trahir again, Baymax flew past them, screaming as the heat blasts caught up to him. Because of the force of the blast, a surprisingly still-standing street that Baymax had been flying past was completely set ablaze as he got hit. Oh, not just that street. The entire rest of Lansing exploded then. Including FoxMask's church.

Baymax rose from the hell-turned street, his armor more black than it already was. As Makia and Taokaka tried to run, Baymax scolded them that Lansing had already blown up as Obsidian approached, a new flame blade in hand. As M looked at the carnage that was Lansing, sighing in depression, Baymax pulled out his chainsaw arm that was now glowing green instead of red. Baymax's theme blasted out from the speakers on his shoulders. Baymax was ready to go.

The next phase was ready to start. Obsidian glowed with an orange aura, Baymax with a green one. As Baymax said to get it started, his mouth was shown sparking with electricity. His flame blade disappearing, Obsidian's chains got red-hot again as Baymax prepared to fight as well, the green circle on his chest still flashing. As Baymax impatiently hovered, M suddenly walked in on the two, his eyes glowing.

As M's eyes glowed more intensely, the brightness of Obsidian's chains increased even more. Unimpressed, Baymax just made the green glow of his own weapons brighter as he turned his right arm into a similarly-glowing drill. Meanwhile, in Gira's mansion, the owner informed Nekrodrake about Trahir, his power level, and why Nekrodrake could never beat him.

Round 4 failed to begin back in Lansing as M picked up a building with PK and threw it at Obsidian, who dodged it. Grim stepped up conveniently next to Obsidian, giving M an opponent when Baymax decided to be a dick and told M to back off. As Baymax revved his chainsaw arm, Obsidian's bone blades slid out as well. It was showtime.

Round 4 begun. Makia, Taokaka, and M charged Grim as Baymax started to battle Obsidian once again. Obsidian dodged the chainsaw and drill arm attacks, only to miss his chain attacks as well. Meanwhile, Grim fired missiles at Makia and Taokaka. Although they dodged, the explosions caused junk to fall on them, knocking the two unconscious.

As Baymax sent out a huge surge of electricity at Obsidian that he dodged, the volcanic Varan sent out a colossal heat explosion that caught Baymax in it. As the explosion cleared, Baymax was revealed to have taken it quite well, with his back smoking slightly. Meanwhile, M and Grim continued to battle, with the explosion radius barely not reaching the two.

The Battle of Lansing (Part 6)

Suddenly, Baymax realized something. Even though he was stuck at a tie with Obsidian, Lansing was completely destroyed. Why should he even bother? Turning, Baymax left Lansing, leaving his battle with Obsidian at an inconclusive tie.

Brawl in Colorado

Right after the Battle of Lansing, Baymax hung out once again with Makia in a kaiju bar. However, right after they arrived, a stranger came up to them. It was Gamoni, eyes glowing red. In a rage about what had happened in Detroit, Gamoni was here to settle the score. Gamoni fired lasers from her fingers at Makia, who barely dodged. Baymax sent eye lasers at Gamoni, who blocked them with her limb-enhancers. However, Baymax was able to just absorb them with his energy-resistant armor.

Gamoni suddenly fired a mad frenzy of plasma bullets from her limb enhancers, with Baymax barely ducking and sending out a paralysis missile that the space alien easily dodged. As he blasted Gamoni with his flamethrower, Baymax sent out a surge of electricity that Gamoni countered with green fireballs. Baymax charged Gamoni, swinging his sledgehammer arm at her.

Suddenly, a fleet of ships controlled by The Viledrodes attacked! However, they were anticlimactically destroyed by the combined efforts of Makia and Baymax. There was a bit of an awkward silence after that as Makia asked Gamoni where she got the limb-enhancers from in the first place...and then Gamoni fired at the two again, resuming the battle.

Baymax swung and missed Gamoni with his chainsaw arm and the two began to clash. During it Baymax cheated and hit Gamoni with his eye lasers, while Gamoni blasted him with energy tojo-blades. Baymax swung at Gamoni with his sledgehammer arm while she hit back with her blades. However, Baymax made a sonic boom that blasted both of them back and made Baymax hit his head against the wall.

Baymax fired missiles at Gamoni, only for them to nearly hit Makia, who had been drinking Mt. Dew the entire time. Leaping at him, Gamoni began to strangle Makia and threatened to kill him. However, Makia bit into Gamoni's arm and Baymax was able to throw a paralysis missile into her, only for Gamoni to use Makia as a shield. Gamoni threw Makia at Baymax, but missed.

Baymax hit Gamoni with eye lasers and countered her green fireballs with a blast of electricity. Next, Baymax hit Gamoni with a plasma sphere that sent her back. Vowing revenge, Gamoni fled. As Baymax helped Makia up, the Gojiran gave Baymax his drink from the bar. Just another day in the life of a kaiju for Makia and Baymax today.

A Cold Reception

Baymax's next fight was when Frostfox invaded the city of Indianapolis along with Firefox and Jiger. After a few minutes, M flew in with Baymax to deal with the three invading kaiju. Frostfox struck first, impaling Baymax with a jagged spike of ice. Pulling it out, Baymax threw it at Jiger, hitting the dumb kaiju and making him mad.

As Frostfox sent a sphere of cold energy at Baymax, the giant mech dodged it and turned his arm into a flail, swinging it at Jiger as the kaiju was knocked over by a new arrival, Heisei Gamera. However, as Jiger blasted Baymax with hellfire, Frostfox tore through the robot's back armor with his claws, making him scream in pain and fly up to avoid the dual attack.

Frostfox created an anvil-shaped block of ice that fell on Baymax's head. In response, Baymax not only smashed Frostfox's face in with his sledgehammer arm, but also turned his right arm into a drill and rammed it into Jiger's back. As Jiger sent his deadly quills at Heisei Gamera, Baymax blocked two of them with his own body as Frostfox retaliated, tearing Baymax's back ope with his icy claws.


— Well, rip.

As Baymax swung his chainsaw arm at Frostfox, the evil kaiju ducked under it, grabbing Baymax's other arm and using it to backflip behind the giant robot. Next, Frostfox used his ice breath in the open hole in Baymax's back. Turning, Baymax made a flash of red light from his eyes. Next, the giant mech slashed Frostfox's neck with his chainsaw arm, coating the snow in red.


— Bye, then.

Ignoring the river or blood from his throat, Frostfox slid under Baymax again, getting behind the robot and slashing some of his circuits. Too damaged to continue fighting, Baymax bashed Frostfox's head in with his sledgehammer arm before flying away from the fight, sparking from his back.


Paris: The Death of Grand King Ghidorah

In Paris, EX Grand King Ghidorah flew in, ready to attack. However, three heroes had came to stop him. These were IguanaGoji, EX Grand King Ghidorah's nemesis, Gipsy Danger, the leading jaeger out of them all...and then Baymax, who flew in shooting lasers and missiles everywhere to look cool and ending up destroying some buildings in the process.

I'm here to save the d- „ 

— Oops.

Baymax had tried to ram into Grand King Ghidorah from the side, but miscalculated it by a meter and slid into the Arc de Triomphe instead. As EX Grand King Ghidorah began to battle with IguanaGoji and Gipsy Danger and engage in a monologue, Baymax smashed him in the chest with a sledgehammer arm, making the Ghidorah stumble and interrupt his speech by making him pause to blast Baymax.

As Baymax flew back, he barely stopped himself from hitting another landmark. However, he ended up grabbing and throwing the Monmartre at EX Grand King Ghidorah anyways. However, the powerful villain whipped it right back with his tails! In a panic, Baymax swung his sledgehammer wildly and ended up slamming the building into Gipsy Danger by accident, making the jaeger clumsily stumble over.

Oh! Can I recoil in terror too? „ 

— Baymax replying to EX Grand King Ghidorah.

Awkwardly apologizing to Gipsy Danger, Baymax swapped out his sledgehammer arm for a chainsaw, revving it up. As EX Grand King Ghidorah charged IguanaGoji and called him BirthGoji instead, Baymax used his shoulder-mounted speakers to make a sonic blast that propelled him towards EX Grand King Ghidorah, slashing the dragon with his chainsaw arm.

As EX Grand King Ghidorah became incoherent and insane, Baymax actually did recoil in terror, only to regain his composure after realizing that robots aren't supposed to feel emotions like fear. Baymax began to swing his flail arm around, lighting it on fire with the flamethrower on his wrist. Suddenly, IguanaGoji and EX Grand King Ghidorah just seemed to start their own little fight, leaving behind Gipsy Danger and Baymax in the process.

However, Baymax wasn't done just yet. Overloading his reactor to grow in power, Baymax sonic pulsed his way up to the two fighting kaiju and smashed the flaming flail into EX Grand King Ghidorah's middle head. Overcome with rage, the giant evil Ghidorah made a powerful Gravity Beam that blasted a hole in Baymax from its sheer power alone. As EX Grand King Ghidorah charged up Baymax swung his flail arm around again, turning his other one into a chainsaw

As EX Grand King Ghidorah launched a massive Gravity Beam attack, Baymax tanked the gravity beams and took massive damage, cutting the chain on his flail with his chainsaw arm and sending the energy-filled, flaming spiked ball of death hurtling straight at EX Grand King Ghidorah's chest. However, it missed, so Baymax just flew up and cut EX Grand King Ghidorah apart with his chainsaw arm, cutting him out of the sky.

As EX Grand King Ghidorah was dying, Kamen Rider Ouja, AKA the real King Ghidorah, appeared. Kamen Rider Ouja revealed himself, taunted EX Grand King Ghidorah, and then incinerated his brother's core, sealing the Ghidorah's fate before leaving. As his right arm fell off, Baymax turned his other arm into a shovel and dug a hole to bury the Ghidorah in. However, EX Grand King Ghidorah just exploded violently with IguanaGoji holding him. Although untouched, Baymax fell over anyways from the loss of energy.

Nasty Plot

In the city of London, King Joe Black seemed to pop up out of nowhere in a bright flash of light. However, before it could even destroy a single building, a sinister laugh echoed out across the city. Not caring at all, King Joe Black simply turned to see SpookGoji's horrible face right in front of it, holding a sadistic smile with his numerous razor-sharp teeth. SpookGoji screamed shrilly in an attempt to jumpscare King Joe Black...

King Joe Black was completely unfazed and unaffected, simply raising its Pedanium Launcher to SpookGoji's face and firing. The blast was so strong that it not only sent SpookGoji flying back into the sea but also completely incinerated all the skin off of his face. With his foe taken care of, King Joe Black once again approached the buildings, until...

At the same time, two new Earth Defenders unintentionally ambushed King Joe Black at the same time. From the front, Anguirus teleported in and thunderballed King Joe Black in the face, doing very little damage but knocking it back and right into Baymax 's flail as he swung it, putting a dent in the giant alien mech's armor where it hit. Making a loud "BEEEEEEEEEEP" sound, King Joe Black spun around and fired its Pedanium Launcher in a Pedanium Hurricane, blasting Anguirus back but with Baymax absorbing most of the energy.

However, SpookGoji had come back, and was sneaking up behind Baymax while Anguirus continued to fight against King Joe Black. As the giant black robot - err, the good giant black robot - began to charge up the red circle on his chest, SpookGoji tapped on Baymax's shoulder from behind.


— Baymax in reply to SpookGoji.

As Baymax turned, SpookGoji screamed in Baymax's face, making the giant mech panic and scream, running and swinging his chainsaw arm wildly until he cut deep into Anguirus with it. Anguirus only then noticed that Baymax was there, and scolded him before returning to the fight when King Joe Black pounded him with its Pedanium Launcher. They decided to both go for King Joe Black, leaving SpookGoji to do whatever he wanted to do during the fight.

Anguirus blasted King Joe Black with magma that it was completely unfazed by. However, this left it open to Baymax, who slashed it with his now-augmented chainsaw arm, having fully charged up his red circle. Making another "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP", King Joe Black smashed Baymax with its Pedanium Launcher and took to the sky - or at least tried to.

Anguirus immediately teleported above King Joe Black, thunderballing it down towards the ground. On the way down, King Joe Black was smashed mid-air by Baymax's flail, being sent flying through several buildings. Anguirus and Baymax spent a few seconds stunned at their great synergy. Meanwhile, SpookGoji had wasted his opportunity to destroy London and instead teleported next to King Joe Black. Ready to finish it off, SpookGoji placed his foot onto King Joe Black's face, trying to crush it.

SpookGoji didn't see it coming then when Baymax smashed his drill arm into SpookGoji's chest, the drill piercing right through him. Next, Anguirus thunderballed SpookGoji in the wound to open it up far enough for Baymax's flail arm to be swung right inside of him, destroying his innards before bursting out of the Gojiran's body. SpookGoji fell.

King Joe Black got up, steaming with rage, and flew into the air. Letting out a screeching "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!!, its eyes glowed red as it rained down a Pedanium Air Raid on Baymax and Anguirus. Burned, the two also took to the skies, Baymax by flight and Angy by teleportation. Going berserk, King Joe Black shot Anguirus out of the sky with a Hyper Dest Ray. Next, Baymax tried to smash it with his sledgehammer arm, only for it to shatter on impact. King Joe Black aimed its Hyper Dest Ray at Baymax's head...

Suddenly King Joe Black was in the ocean. It didn't know what happened. Anguirus had teleported it all the way to the Pacific Ocean; if it was going to take this long to beat King Joe Black, might as well just put it away from London and avoid fighting it at all. Baymax commented that he liked Anguirus' style, and the 4th-wall-breaking kaiju said the same about Baymax. After the agreed that they made a good team and should work together again sometime, they left the untouched city of London.


  • Has red eye lasers that both burn and cut through things.
  • Can fire electricity from his mouth.
  • Has shoulder-mounted speakers that launch powerful sonic blasts.
  • Fires homing missiles from the top of his speakers.
  • Can turn his left arm into a chainsaw.
  • Can turn his left arm into a sledgehammer.
  • Can turn his left arm into a shovel.
  • Can turn his left arm into a cannon that fires plasma spheres.
  • Can turn his right arm into a drill.
  • Can turn his right arm into a flail.
  • Has paralysis missiles equipped to his right wrist.
  • Has a flamethrower equipped to his right wrist.
  • Has rockets attached to his feet that allow him to fly at speeds up to Mach 5.5.
  • Can charge up a red circle that augments all of his weapons.
  • Can charge up a larger, green circle that both fires an extremely powerful green explosive and also increases his power even further than by his red circle.


  • Fire - Despite not having a weakness to fire itself, Baymax completely freaks out and panics if he's set on fire.
  • Easily loses his cool in battle
  • Takes a long time to charge his green augmentation.



— Baymax before firing his green orb of destruction.

You three go do that! I can take care of..uh...lava guy. „ 

— Baymax Vs Lava Guy


— Baymax in the Battle of Indianapolis

I won't be paying for that! „ 

— Baymax after destroying the Arc de Triomphe.


Undertale - Dummy! - Remix

Undertale - Dummy! - Remix