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Lord Vehk
Her Brother
U-Killersaurus (formerly)
Genetically-Modified Rose Gojiran Hybrid
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Earth Defenders
Toho Character
Biollante. A spirit of the plant in Norse mythology. Only this plant has a human spirit. „ 

— Genshiro Shiragami

Biollante (ビオランテ, Biorante) is a plant-G-cell mutation and an RP Character used by Lord Vehk.


Biollante is violent and moody when disturbed by humans or kaiju. She typically is violent towards anyone she doesn't already recognize as an ally.



Biollante was a combination of the cells of a rose, Godzilla, and Dr. Shiragami's daughter Erika. She attacked a group of terrorists that broke into Dr. Shiragami's lab on the shore of Lake Ashi, and then ran out into the lake to grow, with her wailing cries drawing Godzilla to the lake. She battled Godzilla in her rose form, but she was overpowered quickly. She was seemingly killed, but it was revealed she was immortal when she broke apart into spores of energy and floated away.

Biollante then transformed into her Godzilla-like final form and returned to battle Godzilla. She had a bit more of an advantage in this form and managed to fight Godzilla to a draw. However, Biollante became badly wounded when Godzilla fired his Atomic Breath directly into the back of her mouth, forcing her to retreat. Biollante then broke apart into spores of energy again and flew into space, becoming visible as a giant rose floating above Earth.

Debut: U-Killersaurus vs. Biollante: Clash of the Titans

In Shanghai, a red object could be seen falling towards the city; the object seemed to be getting brighter and brighter, until slamming down into Shanghai, the force of the impact sending a fiery shockwave which destroyed multiple buildings and created a small crater on impact. It was U-Killersaurus, who had returned and started to wreak havoc on Shanghai. At Shanghai, something else drew near, drawing U-Killersaurus's attention.

What appeared to be glowing spores of energy rained down upon the area, forming a creature; Biollante. Biollante then let out a loud wailing roar at the sky, which could be heard throughout the city. U-Killersaurus opened his eyes, hearing the loud roar. U-Killersaurus then roared to the sky as loudly as he could, which echoed across the ruined city. Biollante roared back and then began to slither her way towards him.

Biollante and U-Killersaurus then met each other face to face, glaring at each other. Biollante then raised up her vine-tentacles, with U-Killersaurus's organic thrusters suddenly coming to life and flying forward, slamming into her. Biollante was hit by the blasts, but retaliated by grappling her mouthed-vines at U-Killersaurus, then firing her corrosive sap at him. U-Killersaurus then roared in pain and fought back by slamming one of his tendrils at Biollante's face, then grabbed a hold of her mouthed tendrils and rips them off. Biollante then opened up her mouth and then bit down on one of U-Killersaurus's tendrils.

Biollante then snarled, then lunged at U-Killersarus, firing her corrosive sap at him, followed up by her smacking two of her vines across U-Killersaurus's face. U-Killersaurus then staggered back, slamming two of his own tendrils down onto Biollante's shoulders, stabbing their claws into her skin and rips off a chunk of flesh from both of her shoulders with his tendrils. Biollante then headbutted against U-Killersaurus, hitting him back at full force. U-Killersaurus then slid back; shaking his head from the strike and being a bit dazed; Biollante then lifted up a few damaged buildings with her vines, then hurled them directly at U-Killersaurus.

U-Killersaurus's organic rockets then activated; making him fly forwards, smashing through the building and slamming his fist into the Biollante's face, sending her skidding back. Biollante growled, then turned around and flailed her mouthed-vines at U-Killersaurus, having a few bite down on him. U-Killersaurus then snarled at the vines, bringing one of his tendrils up and opening one of its clawed bits. A purple energy glowed in the middle of his tendril. Suddenly he fired a massive purple fireball at Biolante's face. U-Killersaurus then flew back up, his armor now covered in purple flames. Biollante then barfed up some acidic sap, then raised her head back up to face U-Killersaurus.

The skies in that area began to darken, it becoming night time at Shanghai, though the flames light up the area still. Biollante then roared and lunged forwards, spraying her corrosive sap at U-Killersaurus. U-Killersaurus then activated his organic rocket boosters, moving away from the sap and blasting forwards. Biollante then hurled her tendrils at the U-Killersaurus, slamming him down to the ground with brute force. U-Killersaurus then growled in pain, getting back up and shaking himself; spikes then popped up on his back which suddenly fly out and into the air. The missiles then flew up and then slam down onto Biollante's location; while the while the missiles alone did average damage, all of them combined created a large explosion. Biollante then roared in pain.

Enraged, Biollante then went completely feral and then rammed at U-Killersaurus, flailing her vine tendrils like thick whips at U-Killersaurus. Biollante then hurled one of her mouthed vines at U-Killersaurus's neck, the mouthed vine biting on him. As U-Killersaurus roared in pain, Biollante then thwacked her body at U-Killersaurus, sending him back against a ton of large buildings at full force. U-Killersaurus was then slammed into the buildings, getting buried under the rubble. After a few moments later, U-Killersaurus then got back up and slammed two of his tendrils on the sides of Biollante's head with the other two slamming down on top of her.

Biollante then opened up her mouth, showing off her wide mouth and numerous rows of teeth; he then bit down on down on the two tendrils like a angry rapid dog. U-Killersaurus then roared loudly in pain, and then retaliated by taking his claw and stabs all three into her face, one of them piercing through her eye. U-Killersaurus then ripped out Biollante's eye by slashing inside her face to the right, causing Biollante to spray acidic sap from her wound, but she didn't care, as it could regenerate and she still wanted to beat down U-Killersaurus. Biollante then rammed her head against U-Killersaurus, then grappled him with her tentacles; lifting him up and throwing him down to the ground.

U-Killersaurus then got back up, having two of his tendrils grab onto Biollante's lower jaw and two of his other tendrils on her upper jaw. U-Killersaurus then proceeded to pull Biollante's lower jaw downwards and upper jaw upwards; Biollante then began to to forcefully close her jaws together. Biollante then sprayed some of her sap at U-Killersaurus. U-Killersaurus then continued to pry her jaws open, not caring about the acid eating at his flesh. Biollante then wrapped her own vine tendrils around U-Killersaurus, constricting him. U-Killersaurus then finally pushes everything hes got into his tendrils and arms. He roared in rage pushing even harder until a sickening crack could be heard; U-Killersaurus had damaged the giant plants jaws, kicking her back hard. Biollante was kicked back, slamming against a few buildings, making a loud explosion around the area. Dirt, debris and flames went everywhere, causing several buildings to explode.

A cloud of smoke then covered the area. Out from the foggy area, a lone mouthed vine then grappled out, and then lunged at U-Killersaurus's neck, biting on him brutally. Biollante's jaws were beginning to heal already and she was very enraged now. Biollante then summoned two more vines at U-Killersaurus; U-Killersaurus then slashed at the tendrils the best he could. Biollante then pulled herself closer to U-Killersaurus. Biollante rushed towards U-Killersaurus, while spraying her sap down on the area like crazy. Biollante whipped her vines harder at U-Killersaurus, this time shredding at some of his skin. As U-Killersaurus roared in pain, he then retaliated by taking his tendrils and slashed the vine tendrils off of him.

As Biollante and U-Killersaurus battled with their tendrils, U-Killersaurus charged up a plasma fireball and then blasted it one of Biollante's vines, blowing it up. Biollante roared and "ran" at U-Killersaurus, firing a big glob of corrosive sap at their area, creating a massive explosion around the two. In an another attempt to take down U-Killersaurus, Biollante then lifted herself up with her tendrils, then hurling herself at U-Killersaurus like a torpedo; causing them to collide into each other. Biollante and U-Killersaurus dueled each other with their tendrils once more, but this time Biollante had enough and then opened up her wide and ghastly mouth, swinging it down to U-Killersaurus. U-Killersaurus quickly reacted by firing a powerful plasma fireball at Biollante's mouth, causing her to flail and fall over.

Before Biollante went down, she grappled her vines at U-Killersaurus, tossing him asides the ground, making a loud thud. Biollante then fell over to the ground with an also loud and heavy thud, followed by what appeared to be the sounds of thunder as she made impact on the ground. Biollante then transformed into a cloud of energy spores and then flew up into the air, retreating as the fight had taken a toll on both of them, especially on Biollante. Biollante's spores flew in the air until they could not be seen.

The Call of the Rose

Biollante reappeared at Sollgell Island where she finally met her littler brother, BirthGoji. BirthGoji saw Biollante from afar, jumping off his cliff and sliding down, heading towards the plants location. Biollante observed BirthGoji, checking in case he was a friend or foe. Biollante recognized his scent and "asked" BirthGoji if he was once Godzilla Jr.; BirthGoji answered that used to be his name. Biollante then slithered towards BirthGoji, "hugging" him in a sense with her tendrils; BirthGoji felt sort of weirded out by this at first, only to sort of find it kind of comforting.

Then the skies turned blood red, something massive then landed down to the two's area; U-Killersaurus had returned! U-Killersaurus's organic thrusters activated, flying forth and smashing hard into Biollante; Biollante then smacked her vine tendrils against him. U-Killersaurus then fired a barrage of fireballs at Biollante, to which Biollante then blocked the fireballs with some of her tendrils. BirthGoji then charged in and fought U-Killersaurus as well.


War Of Love and Emotion



  • Vine Tendrils: Biollante can use her mouthed-vines and tendrils to grapple or constrict against enemies.
  • Regeneration: Biollante can regenerate.
  • Corrosive Sap: Biollante can spit out large quantities of radioactive corrosive sap from her large mouth. Said highly corrosive sap can even blind opponents temporarily.
  • Burrowing: Biollante it an excellent burrower.
  • Speed: Despite her large plant-like body and somewhat immobile-looking appearance, Biollante can move across the ground rather quickly by using her tendrils like rudimentary feet.
  • Spore Transformation: If heavily damaged, Biollante can transform into a cloud of spore and fly through the air.


  • Slow Movement: Biollnate is relatively slow.
  • Fire: Biollante cannot stand flames.


Rose Biollante First Form

Biollante's original form.

  • Biollante was originally used by Lord Vehk.
  • With her weight of 220,000 tons (200,000 metric tons) in her final form, Biollante is the heaviest Toho monster to appear on film.
  • Biollante's rose form was originally going to look more like a lily, with a gigantic tendril extending out of its center.


Godzilla vs

Godzilla vs. Biollante-Love Theme OST