Used by
Cryptosporidium, Orthopox, Player 2
Not known
1.5 meters
Destroy All Humans! Character

Blastomycosis (a.k.a. Blasto) is a deranged Furon/Human hybrid and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Blasto is an arrogant fool who believes himself to be a a skilled and cunning enemy to Crypto, likes to threaten people with his Ion Detonater all the time and gloats on how deadly he is very often. However Blasto does not realize that he is not much of a threat as he believes himself to be, confusing him. He is also very obsessed with his hatred and anger towards Crypto.


Blastomycosis first appeared in RP to wreak havoc on Takoshima by blowing up buildings with his own bombs he made and kidnapped Othopox at his hideout the abandoned KGB Volcano base. Blasto then threatened Crypto via messages that he had five nuke trucks ready for detonation awaiting at Takoshima and that he had only 15 minutes to stop them.

After Crypto and Player 2 stopped the nuke trucks from detonation carefully just in time, Crypto (and Player 2) then headed to the Volcano base to free Pox and stop Blasto. Once Crypto got there, Blasto cornered and trapped him inside the Volcano base with Pox. Blasto then made a long speech saying on how long he waited for this moment and has waited years to exact his revenge on Crypto. After both Crypto and Pox both called him "cliche" Blasto snapped and then fought Crypto. Crypto and Player 2 easily beat up Blasto, with also the Yakuza coming in to beat up Blasto. Blasto then claimed he had a detonater he would use to blow up every place Crypto has ever been to, however when he used it it didn't work it all, thus making it a complete dud. After getting beaten up some more, Blasto was then killed by Player 2 when Player 2 used Icy Freezilator to freeze him completely, then shattered him into pieces with a pistol whip. Pox, Crypto and Player 2 then both left the volcano base.


  • Furon Jetpack


  • Ion Detonater
  • Disintegrator Ray

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