Used by
Flamelar (brother)
Ice Dinosaur
74 meters
Gridman Character
Mindless violence, oh so fun...I much prefer planning out attacks, thank you very much. „ 

— Blizzalar

I knew this wouldn't be easy.... „ 

— Blizzalar

Blizzalar (ブリザラー, Burizarā) is a ice dinosaur kaiju and an RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Blizzalar is a chill, sophisticated but gloomy ice monster who prefers to plan out his attacks as opposed to his brother Flamelar methods of attacking which is much more impulsive. He doesn't seem to get along too well with Flamelar either, but the two stick together in order to survive; so to speak.


Debut: Fire and Ice; The Atomic Guardian vs. the Twin Elemental Beasts

It was a nice and sunny day in Fukuoka, with everything going swell, up until then the ground begun to shake. One side of certain area of ground began to open up, bursting into flames, while the other side was more cold and icy. Red and light blue lights appear, then dim as two monsters could be now seen; out from the ground came out Blizzalar and Flamelar; the two elemental beasts! Blizzalar started off the attack on Fukuoka by blasting his icy breath against several buildings, freezing them.

Suddenly, an atomic beam slammed into the two elemental dinosaurs from behind; sending Blizzalar and Flamelar down. Flamelar and Blizzalar then turn around to face the attacker; it was BirthGoji. Flamelar ran up and fought BirthGoji first. Blizzalar began his attack against BirthGoji by ramming against him and slashed at him with his horn. BirthGoji then roared in pain, but then slammed his fist into Blizzlaars face, followed up with a powerful tail slam to his neck. Blizzalar was hit and then fired ice missiles from his fingertips against BirthGoji. BirthGoji was hit by the ice missiles, and then returned fire with an atomic blast to Blizzalars face, sending Blizzalar down to the ground.

Flamelar and Blizzalar then regrouped with each other; with Blizzalar complaining to Flamelar that he'd would have preferred it if they were attacking an island instead. Flamelar ignored Blizzalar and then continued to fight against BirthGoji. When things didn't seem to go so well with Flamelar, Blizzalar then tackled BirthGoji from behind. BirthGoji was hit bad, but then fought back by grabbing Blizzalar and then swinging him down against the ground against his brother Flamelar. Blizzalar and Flamelar then got back up, both of their horns both glowing. Blizzalar and Flamelar then both blasted their flame stream and ice breath against BirthGoji at full force.

BirthGoji was blasted back by the attack but was determined to fight against the elemental foes. BirthGoji charged forwards, running through the beams at a slow pace until then finally roaring in determination, charging through the beams and slamming hard into the two kaiju; sending Blizzalar and Flamelar flying back. After Flamelar's defeat, Blizzalar then turned around and retreated along with his brother.


  • Ice Breath: Blizzalar can breath an icy breath to freeze enemies.
  • Ice Missiles: From his fingertips, Blizzalar can fire ice missles.


  • Blizzalar was originally going to appear not alongside with his brother Flamelar, but in fact appear separately. This was later canned and the two did end up appearing alongside each other.

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