Bloodvolk NEW
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Rem, Ryuk, Macro Jr., his father
Okami Muto
80 meters
160 meters
Okami Muto Pack (Somewhat)
Fanon Character
I’ve chosen to follow my own path. I don’t know where it takes me, but I’ll follow it nonetheless. In the end, I won’t cut deeper others’ carvings on Earth. I’ll cut my own. „ 

— Bloodvolk, somewhat basing this quote off a famous human member of the Assassin Order (Connor)

Bloodvolk is Okami M.U.T.O.'s son, who has chosen to follow his own path in his life.


Bloodvolk was born in the middle of a forest fire, deformed due to damage from the flames. He was raised by the spirits of his mother and older sister, who told him when he grew older to seek out the one with the "black crescent".

Bloodvolk traced down the one with the "black crescent", who turned out to be Yuki Certasancti. Yuki later reunited Bloodvolk with his father.

Over time, Bloodvolk decided that life as a member of the pack was not for him at the current time, and decided to go on his own journey to "carve his own marks into the Earth". He left the pack, stating he would return to the Okami Clan once he had reached his goal.

He then helps protect Beijing from an attack by Gumuuzoo.


Unlike his father, Bloodvolk is more independent. He relies less on the help of his clan, and more on his own skill and occasionally the help of a few other friends. He also finds a few Okami Clan traditions (such as consuming the foe after defeat) a bit barbaric, and doesn't practice them.


  • Melee weapons (Teeth, claws, etc)
  • Sonic Howl 
  • Flight at Mach 8
  • Able to call for backup from pack
  • Able to move at extremely fast speeds
  • Lunar Beam (Blasts out a beam with the powers of the moon. It makes your blood flow in different directions than it's supposed to. The light can also temporarily blind you.)
  • Lunar Pulse (A pulse version of the Lunar Beam)
  • Darkness Beam (Corrupts your mind with fear and hate, also makes you see darkness)
  • Darkness Pulse (A pulse version of the Darkness Beam)
  • Can drink blood to regenerate and regain energy
  • Shinigami powers (Very limited, as he's still training)
  • Blood has healing properties
  • Cloak of Nature, a move that allows him to turn invisible and move so fast, it seems multiple of him are attacking
  • Alliance of Nature, allowing him to call animals to his side
  • Colossus of Nature, allowing him to summon creatures of nature, such as living trees, giant vines, etc


  • "Volk" is the pronunciation of "Wolf" in Russian.
  • Bloodvolk's theme song is "To Glory" by Two Steps from Hell.

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