Bludgeon normal form
Used by
The Pretenders, Decepticons
TokyoGoji, Yuki Certasancti and his family, Birthgoji
85 meters (Normal), 130 meters (Pretender)

Bludgeon is a samurai Decepticon that controls the Pretenders.

Code of Honor

Bludgeon follows a strict honor code. That code states that he must not kill, only wound. While his wounds may cause someone to bleed out, he says his part is merely the initiation, not the cause. After he is defeated in battle, he must agree that the one who defeated him is his superior, and must not attack them for a certain amount of time. If he is betrayed, he must kill the one who betrayed him to restore is honor. If the one who betrays him is killed by another's hand, he must kill the one closest to the traitor. If an imposter poses as him, his goal will be to kill the imposter at all costs.


Once just a bounty hunter, Bludgeon hid on Volcania for a number of years. He was discovered by TokyoGoji and her allies, and helped them in their war against Growlcut. TokyoGoji betrayed him, and trapped him in a hole. He remained trapped on Volcania for a number of years, plotting his revenge on her. Once he was discovered, he was transported to Earth, where he joined the KH. He became extremely angered after finding out that TokyoGoji was dead, and went a little bit insane. After the war, he rounded up certain Decepticons and turned them into Pretenders, creating his own faction. He stayed inside Trypticon for a while, and used it as an HQ for the Pretenders. He kidnapped Yuki's daughter and brought her there in an attempt to lure Yuki to a duel. To his surprise, Yuki retreated without finishing the fight. He began a series of crime sprees on Earth, the biggest being an attack on Moscow. He was attacked and defeated BirthGoji, proving his power.


Normal Form

  • Bludgeon carries a blade that is mainly used for quick swipes
  • Bludgeon can transform into his tank mode
  • Bludgeon also has a piston and shield

Pretender From

Bludgeon Pretender form

Bludgeon's Pretender form

  • Bludgeon can combine with his Pretender Shell and become 45 meters taller
  • Has more strength than the normal form
  • Carries a basic energy blade
  • Shoulder cannons
  • Is slower than the normal form, but hits harder
  • Carries a sword, the Dark Caliber, a sword completely made from Dark Energon
  • The Dark Caliber cannot be broken, and can fire slashes of Dark energy when slashed in certain ways.


Transformers 3 - It's our fight (The Score - Soundtrack)06:33

Transformers 3 - It's our fight (The Score - Soundtrack)

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