Used by
Knock Out (partner)
Hardshell (boss)
Gamoni, Scurrydown, Janitornator, Spacewarp
Capricorn, Myth Rider Wrath, Backslash, Makeshift, Dawnsteel, Duskstar, Transquito
26 ft.
26 ft.
Never run when you can fight. „ 

— Breakdown

Missed me? „ 

— Breakdown upon returning.

Breakdown (ブレイクダウン Bureikudaun) is a Decepticon warrior and RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.

He can transform into an armored van.


Breakdown is loud and boisterous brute, but surprisingly has some depths to him, as he does not treat the Insecticons or the rest of the enemy soldiers as cannon fodder and has a healthy respect for his foes. However, these traits are often tempered by his boisterous temper; as he's always eager to join a fight and to pound some dents into someone who is an enemy or someone who talks about him badly towards him.


Debut: Capricorn

Breakdown first appeared at a desert where he met up with Hardshell and they both fought against Capricorn. At the end of the long, fierce fight, Hardshell and Breakdown quickly became allies and Hardshell asked if Breakdown was interested in joining the Neo Empire. Breakdown said he would think about it later, and then two took off.


Breakdown and Hardshell eventually met up with BatPugMask and began to fight him off together. The fight was brief and ended in a stalemate. Afterwards, Breakdown and Hardshell left the area.

Hardshell and Breakdown vs. Myth Rider Wrath

When him and his comrade Hardshell infiltrated a city, they were both intercepted by Myth Rider Wrath, Though they tried the best they could to combat against him, in the end they were no match of Myth Rider Wrath, who overpowered the two and defeated them. When they tried to fight back, Myth Rider Wrath then unleashed his Ice Phoenix Final Vent (his finisher attack) on the two Decepticons, creating a massive explosion at the area. It's unclear what happened to them afterwards.

Tabriz Tango

Breakdown made his come back when he reappeared in Tabriz and message signaled Knock Out to meet up with him in the city.

Once Knock Out, Scurrydown and Janitornator got past the Maximal Cops and Nemesis Prime, Knock Out and Breakdown reunited with each other; however Breakdown had some bad news to bear on that Team Destron was coming and they took all of the Insecticons and Hardshell's whereabouts remain unknown. Before Breakdown could so anymore on the matter though, the two were interrupted by the oncoming killer Predacon Backslash. Breakdown (and later Knock Out) then fought off Backslash together...

After some time, it was unfortunately became aware to Breakdown that Backslash was a cunning foe. After overpowering Knock Out, Backslash then gloated that he would then kill both of him and Breakdown. Breakdown charged at Backslash with his hammers, but Blackslash deflected the hits with his deadly Energy Blade. Before Backslash could strike down Breakdown though, Backslash was then killed by Assaulter and Capricorn. 

After the deadly fight in Tabriz, Breakdown, Knock Out, Scurrydown and Janitornator regrouped and took off; leaving to find where Hardshell went...

The Predacons Emerge Pt. 1

After the fight in Tabriz, Breakdown along with the other three went inside a cave. Knock Out and Breakdown spoke to each other for a lengthy amount of time, because of long they spent aways from each other. Breakdown spoke to Knock Out some more on Team Destron; also saying that he had a plan on how to free Hardshell from the Destron prison and to fight back Destron. Knock Out agreed with Breakdown's terms as well as coming up with his own plan which was to grab a some Destron Vehicons and reprogram them to follow them, though Knock Out admitted he would most definitely need Scurrydown to help him.

Knock Out then talked to Breakdown about on how bad things were when Breakdown left. Knock Out also brought up one time where he, Scurrydown and Janitornator went to get tacos and were attacked by Scraplets, which he told to Breakdown that he did not want to know. Breakdown didn't know how to react to that.

Their conversation and planning was interrupted however by an intruding shadowy blur. Knock Out searched around for the blur, but the blur soon revealed itself to be none other than the Destron Shifter Makeshift. Knock Out ordered to attack the intrusive Makeshift, but Makeshift had a trick up his sleeves; Duskstar and Dawnsteel. After Makeshift left, the Predacons attacked the four.

Breakdown looked up and saw Duskstar charging at both him and Knock Out. As Duskstar approached, Breakdown then pushed Dukstar back, and then turned both of his hands into hammers, swinging them at Duskstar's face. Dukstar was hit hard and then transformed into robot mode, glaring at Breakdown and Knock Out. Duskstar then charged at them both. Breakdown and Knock Out then both leaped up at Duskstar, tackling him with their hammers and Energon prod.

The fight came to a close however when Scurrydown and Dawnsteel accidentally caused the ceiling of the cavern to come down on them. Breakdown was the first to notifiy this and tried to break his way through, but the rocks came down upon him, burying him boulders and debris.

The Predacons Emerge Pt. 2

Two days later, Breakdown was the first to be rescued by the Mutant Cybertronians and pulled out of the cave. Breakdown talked to the Mutant Cybertronian Fleet Master for a bit, up until Knock Out came out from the rubble and was about to yell due to the scratches to his paint-job, so Breakdown put his hand onto his mouth to keep him quiet, as they didn't want to wake up the Predacons. After Scurrydown and Janitornator were then freed, Breakdown and the rest went outside of the cave. Breakdown was relieved to see some sunshine.

Sometime later, Knock Out grabbed out his buffer and handed it to Breakdown and asked Breakdown to buff him, that way he could be clean and the scratches would be gone. However before Breakdown could even start buffing Knock Out, three other Cybertronians (two Autobots and one Decpeticon) showed up to beat up Knock Out because he "stole" their names. 

An hour later, Knock Out returned back to Breakdown and requested to have his buffing be continued as the three other "Knock Outs" had disappeared. However, he was wrong, the three did show up again. Enraged, Knock Out ordered Breakdown and Scurrydown to attack them. Scurrydown fought off Wipeout, Breakdown fought off Lights-Out and Knock Out fought off Strikeout. The fight was interrupted though by the reawakened Predacons Duskstar and Dawnsteel, to which the other three Knock Outs ran away from. Once again; they were left to deal with the Predacons.

Then a giant spaceship came crashing down towards their location. Breakdown, Knock Out and Scurydown then plead out of the way. As spaceship opened up, there they met a familiar figure who came to help them: Hardshell! Hardshell then leaped down and assisted their fight against the Predacons and Transquito. Breakdown swung his hammers at Duskstar, while Scurrydown fired his arm guns at the Predacon. Dukstar fired his wing discs at both of them, but Breakdown ducked, causing one of the wing discs to miss him. The fight came to a close when Spacewarp transformed into robot mode and chased after Transquito and the Predacons, forcing them to retreat.

Breakdown spoke with Hardshell, saying that he was glad to have him back. After Hardshell's speech, Breakdown then tended to Knock Out to finally finish buffing him.

Macabre Strikes 

Breakdown made a brief appearance where he and Scurrydown were on guard duty. He fought against the three Autobots Prowl, Smokescreen and Hardhead, and then later also fought off against Macabre and the Mummy vehicons. After forcing Macabre to retreat and the Autobots left, Breakdown then went back to lookout duty.

Abilities & Arsenal

Breakdown Vehicle Mode

Breakdown's alternate mode.

  • Brute Strength: Breakdown is a highly capable warrior, relying mostly on melee combat.
  • Arm Mounted Hammers: Breakdown can use two large hammers for combat. They are very strong and are capable of sending his opponents flying back by force.
  • Shoulder Cannon: Breakdown is armed with a shoulder cannon he can use to blast at his foes.


  • Violent Temper: Breakdown has a very bad temper and is easily enraged.
  • Low Intellect: Breakdown isn't stupid, but is still not that bright; at times will even act on impulse.


  • Originally Breakdown set to appear in WZRP earlier, but he was put on hold for Hardshell. Breakdown would have to wait a little while until March 2016 to be introduced in WZRP.
  • He is not to be confused with WFC Breakdown, who is a different character on WZRP.
  • Breakdown is Gallibon the Destroyer's favorite Decepticon. 

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