All DNA recovered, boss. „ 

— Bryan

Mysterious Researcher
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Used by
His "boss"
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Unknown; presumably anti-hero
Human characters

Bryan is a recent, highly mysterious character of the RPverse, who claims to possess the genetic makeup and DNA of the vast majority of the RPverses' heroes.

By his masked alias, he is known as FiendMask (悪鬼マスク, Akkimasuku).

Front Information

Bryan is a mysterious character of the RPverse. He is apparently a resident of New York, but he seems to suggest otherwise. He was tasked by a unnamed figure who he calls his "boss" to create the genetic makeup and DNA of the RPverses' powerful heroes, and use them for an unknown advantage. Nothing more is known.


Bryan mysteriously appears in the busy streets of New York, carrying a briefcase. He enters inside an abandoned building and opens his briefcase, pulling out a single tube with a black liquid inside, a needle attached to the end of it. He put it to his right shoulder and pressed it inside, and a black liquid came out, and wrapped itself around his body. He morphed into a being strongly resembling a Shadowblood, like FoxMask and WolfMask. He then tested out the "suit's" abilities, which appears to wield superior stats and pyrokinesis.

Bryan was then briefly seen during Neo Zardoris' training area, where WolfMask and FoxMask came too. Neo Zardoris interrogated him, and Bryan was incredibly afraid, which caused him to faint. He was placed back at the Wolf's Cabin, where WolfMask put him inside.


Bryan has a mysterious personality. He appears to be unintentionally sinister, meddling with the genetic makeup and DNA of said fighters. He appears to be easily scared, proven with the interrogation of Neo Zardoris despite having the Shadowblood Lifeform Suit.

As FiendMask, he appears to be very confident in his abilities, and cocky towards others. He appears to suggest a sinister side.


Bryan is Caucasian, and is a skinny, muscular man that has chocolate brown hair with bangs. He has diamond blue eyes, a light brown beard, and a black "eye shadow" under his eyes. It is possibly due to the effects of the Shadowblood Lifeform suit, although it is not always there. He wears a black T-shirt, black jeans, and black shoes, with a black belt. He can also be occasionally seen wearing a black racer jacket. He stands at 5'9.

When he is covered in the Shadowblood Lifeform Suit, but his face area is unmasked, the black "eye shadow" under his eyes heavily appear. His teeth also have fangs, and are somewhat yellow. His eyebrows are also fiercer and sharper.

When equipped with the Shadowblood Lifeform Suit, or as FiendMask, Bryan's appearance drastically changes. He appears to be much taller, approximately at 6'7. As he is latched with the Shadowblood Lifeform Suit, he is coated in a black symbiotic biomass. He is bulky and muscular in appearance, veins appearing on his body. He has big, pure white eyes with a flaming design to it. He has a mouth full of ferocious yellow sharp teeth. FiendMask has a long, and thick pink tongue. Saliva, and, occasionally, purple slime appear on his tongue and mouth. A white symbol also appears to be on his torso and his back; which is a poisonous insect; possibly a wasp, representing that he is poison and the ultimate dose of death to an enemy. A "hood" also appears on the area of his head as well. He is able to pull it down.

Sharp, pointy ears that are in a fashion to Batman appear at the top of his head, from each side when his hood is pulled down.


Bryan wields the mysterious Shadowblood Lifeform Suit, which appears to be a symbiotic lifeform that contains the genetic makeup and DNA of a Shadowblood. It must latch onto a host in order for the abilities to take effect. However, it does not work with Shadowbloods.

Fighting Style

His fighting style is currently unknown. At his first appearance as FiendMask, it appears that he is ferocious and violent in his fighting style.

Abilities as Bryan

  • Normal human abilities.
    • Average human speed.
    • Average human strength.
    • Average human agility.
  • Is unaffected by the attacks of Shadowbloods as Bryan.

Abilities as FiendMask

With the Shadowblood Lifeform Suit, FiendMask replicates many of the Shadowbloods' abilities, as well as having unique abilities.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Stamina - Can exert himself for several hours until fatigue impairs him.
  • Superhuman Durability - Doesn't require any armor for extra durability; as his suit applies a plethora of durability to him.
  • Superhuman Agility - Agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced, far higher than even the finest human athlete.
  • Superhuman Reflexes - Reflexes are many greater than that of an average fighter.
  • Superhuman Camouflage - Is capable to camouflage himself with almost any object.
  • Umbrakinetic-Assimilation - Due to his suit replicating the genetic makeup and DNA of Shadowbloods, he is able to absorb any form of darkness.
  • Umbrakinetic Immunity - Due to his suit replicating the genetic makeup and DNA of Shadowbloods, he is completely unaffected by darkness.
  • Umbrakinesis - Due to his suit replicating the genetic makeup and DNA of Shadowbloods, he is able to manipulate and control darkness.
  • Pyrokinesis - An ability gifted onto the suit. FiendMask is able to manipulate and control fire.
  • Pyrokinetic Immunity - FiendMask is completely unaffected by fire.
  • Healing Factor - A slow healing factor that heals his damage gradually.
  • Has the ability to sense other Shadowbloods within a range exceeding 6,000 miles.
  • Fangs - Fangs are very strong, able to rip through flesh and steel easily. It is also poisonous, and FiendMask can exert venom if he desires.

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