Used by
Jay's Wing
Strongarm, Azure Assassin, Echo Saber
Saberhorn, Quillfire, Crazybolt, Thermidor
100 meters
Transformers character

Bumblebee (Prime) is an autobot lieutenant and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Bumblebee is full of energy and determination to do the right thing, and can always be counted on to volunteer for action. He's grown to like and understand humans and adopted their culture. In some ways, he considers the planet to be his adopted homeworld, and will do anything to defend it from invaders.



Bumblebee was called in and led a defense of the city of London. As he and Strongarm arrived, they found Quillfire and Crazybolt attacking and engaged. As Strongarm fought against the speedy Crazybolt, Bumblebee fought against Quillfire. Bumblebee dodged all of Quillfire's attacks and retaliated with his own powerful strikes. After dodging more and more quill attacks, Quillfire got frustrated and charged, letting Bumblebee take him down with a volley of powerful close-range energy balls.

As he came to help Strongarm deal with Crazybolt, however, two more decepticons, Saberhorn and Thermidor, appeared to assist the forces of evil. Letting Strongarm continue to fight Crazybolt one-on-one, Bumblebee took on both at the same time. However, they weren't as easy as Quillfire was; they were faster and tougher, hitting with their attacks and dodging Bumblebee's. Soon enough, the yellow autobot fell back and engaged Saberhorn one-on-one as Strongarm took on Crazybolt and Thermidor.

Bumblebee was able to get the upper hand after this, his speed slightly outmatching Saberhorn's and letting him steadily do more and more damage. All was going well until a swarm of quills pierced his armor; Quillfire was back. The two decepticons pummeled Bumblebee, nearly killing him, until...

A chainsword slashed through Quillfire's armor, sending him reeling and shrieking in pain. A blue laser came from the side and launched Saberhorn back into a building. As the two recovered, the newcomer revealed herself as a jaeger named Azure Assassin. Meanwhile, another robot, Echo Saber, had come to the aid of Strongarm against her two opponents. The odds were evened, and the tides were turned.

The damaged Bumblebee couldn't do much, but blasted Saberhorn and Quillfire from range as they pounded on Azure Assassin. Eventually, the Jaeger's sword sparked with electricity and slammed into Quillfire's jaw, incapacitating him instantly. Saberhorn furiously attacked her, but Bumblebee rammed into him in car form, making the purple decepticon turn into beetle form and fly off.

Meanwhile, Echo Saber and Strongarm had managed to send Thermidor and Crazybolt running. As Saberhorn fled, Strongarm was able to capture him. The two different robots greeted eachother and became allies, forming a relationship between the Jaegers and Autobots before parting their ways.


  • Can transform into a fast yellow car
  • Can send blue lasers from eyes
  • Very fast on land and can fly at Mach 2.5
  • Blue energy balls from hands
  • Surprisingly strong physically


  • Fragile to physical attacks

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