Camera Ghost
Camera Ghost
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Camera Monster
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7 ft.
Bang! Bang! Bang! Ha-ha-ha! Smile for the camera! „ 

— Camera Ghost

You? Stop me? HA! I'm making a scene here, first this city, then tomorrow; I'll be making big pictures all over this country! All while I spread terror and destruction down upon them, ha ha! „ 

— Camera Ghost to FlamingoMask.

Camera Ghost (カメラゴースト, Kameragōsuto) is a camera-themed monster and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Camera Ghost is a violent and aggressive camera monster, who treats his destructive ways like it's a movie and thinks he's the star.


Debut and Death: FlamingoMask vs. Camera Ghost: Fukuoka Showdown

Camera Ghost made his appearance known when he crashed down near to Fukuoka in a big blue ball of light. As he climbed out of his crater, the then saw Fukuoka and laughed evilly, he decided that he would "shoot his picture" there and wreak havoc.

Camera Ghost then started his attack in the center of the city by firing multiple laser beams at cars and fleeing civilians, causing many explosions in the progress. As Camera Ghost was about to attack a group of fleeing civilians with his tendrils; he was then stopped by the Shadowblood ; FlamingoMask. Camera Ghost then fired his laser beam at FlamingoMask, to which FlamingoMask leaped out of the way; doing his best to avoid the explosions that followed.

Camera Ghost was on a roll though, and then fired a large and powerful concentrated laser blast at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask was hit badly and sent rolling around the ground. As FlamingoMask got back up, he then fought back by firing a light beam at Camera Ghost, hitting Camera Ghost and causing him to stagger back. FlamingoMask then leaped up and chopped at Camera Ghost's head. Camera Ghost then launched his film reel tendrils at FlamingoMask, constricting him. FlamingoMask leaped up once again and kicked at some of the tendrils, punching at some back. Camera Ghost then whipped one film reel tendril at FlamingoMask's neck, choking him. Camera Ghost then laughed and tossed FlamingoMask into the air; FlamingoMask cough as he got back up.

As Camera Ghost fired another laser beam at FlamingoMask to wipe him out, FlamingoMask acted fast, creating a light shield to deflect the laser blast. The blast then was deflected back at Camera Ghost, inflicting major damage against him. Infuriated, Camera Ghost then got back up and fired a barrage of laser beams at FlamingoMask. FlamingoMask then pulled out his major weapon, the Wrecking Flail and bashed it against Camera Ghost; inflicting more damage against Camera Ghost.

Camera Ghost then fired his film reel tendrils again at FlamingoMask in an attempt to bring him down. FlamingoMask had enough of Camera Ghost's actions though and chopped at the tendrils with his fists swiftly, slicing the tendrils off. Camera Ghost then tackled FlamingoMask, but FlamingoMask sent Camera Ghost back away with his Wrecking Flail. FlamingoMask then finished off Camera Ghost by using his finishing move "Flamingo Kick" against him, finally destroying Camera Ghost and saving Fukuoka. FlamingoMask then got up and walked off, his work there now done.


  • Strength: Camera Ghost was very strong, capable of lifting FlamingoMask off the ground with ease and slamming down several times.
  • Camera Beam: Camera Ghost could fire out a blue-colored laser beam from his single eye that could crate explosions once come in close contact.
  • Film Reel Tendrils: Camera Ghost could shoot out multiple film-reel based tendrils out from his arms to constrict and tangle against his foes.


Damn bird-brained fool! I'll throttle you! „ 

— Camera Ghost against FlamingoMask.


  • Despite being named so, Camera Ghost wasn't actually a ghost.

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