Captain Marvelous, the Red Pirate
Used by
The Gokaigers, Goseigers, Zyuohgers all of Super Sentai, few Kamen Riders, Eiji Hino, Metal Heroes, Geki Jumonji, Retsu Ichijouji
Space Empire Zangyack, Black Cross Führer, evil empires, Shocker, Tsukasa Kadoya (formerly), Kamen Riders (some occasions),
Unknown type of Space Pirate
152cm/5'10 (unmorphed) 5'11 (morphed)
Gokaigers, Super Sentai
Tokusatsu Hero/Henshin Hero/Sentai Hero
Gokai Reddo! „ 

— Gokai Red's roll call

Let's make this (extremely) showy! „ 

— Gokai Red's pre-battle catchphrase

Captain Marvelous (キャプテン・マーベラス Kyaputen Māberasu?) better known as Gokai Red (ゴーカイレッド Gōkai Reddo?) is the leader of the Gokaigers.

Front Information

Captain Marvelous is an individual who comes from an unknown homeworld to soon visiting Earth along with the Gokaigers on the Gokai Galleon. Initially otherwise, his primary mission is to defend the planet and act against the Space Empire Zangyack and its leader, Ackudos Gill. Succeeding, his story well advances into extraordinary segments; involving rivaling and teaming up with other similar heroes to fighting their own nemesis, before eventually settling down to let his successors carry on the Super Sentai legacy. But as usual, the pirate remains restless on that point and will always aid others whenever his help is needed.


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Marvelous is a sparkling and "wild man". He desires everything to be stimulating and is always curious of what goes ahead and over him. Once he knows his target, he takes them on without flinching and without any fear that may face him, no matter what. He will not let anything stand in his way when in the importance of a task and advances to reign superior. Marvelous is also the type of character that pokes his head where it doesn't belong, and often brandishes his crew of 5 with unreasonable orders.

Though Marvelous is the leader of his team, he is an unpredictable sort of character who will perform reckless things to satisfy his curiosity, stating his actions as what any pirate would do in that particular moment. He is much stronger than he looks and what others think, evidently seen in episode 7 where he throws darts while wearing a heavy bracelet that Don (Gokai Green) can barely carry with both hands. His strength is also displayed in a flashback in episode 12, where he rips the Zangyack tracking collar off Joe's (Gokai Blue) neck with ease. He also has rather a hearty appetite.

Marvelous is also someone who cares much for his crew and for others even if he doesn't show it. An example of this was when Basco captured his crew and he was having a hard time deciding what to do. Another example is when Gai asked to become a Gokaiger after his debut battle and Marvelous asked him what he would contribute to his crew. Despite this selfish reasoning, he was concerned with someone so young taking on the Zangyack. However, he does believe in his crew and doesn't worry about them when they are in a bind of their own and shows to have much faith in them. Although he originally strove to protect them at all costs and ejected them from Go-Jyu Gokai-Oh to that end, after a vision of AkaRed he instead shares Gai's desire to have them all fight together until the end.

His morality however is described at best as a mixed puzzle.


Gokai Red

Gokai Red's Gokaiger costume


— Transformation announcement

As Gokai Red, Marvelous is the most balanced of the core Gokaigers, being adept at both melee and ranged combat. When performing Gokai Changes, he usually transforms into previous Red Rangers. Lately, in Zyuohger, he and the rest of his team are shown able to transform into their successor's forms as well, except for the Zyuohgers.

Special Touch - Shown in Super Hero Taisen, Marvelous along with his crew have some sort of a "special touch". Specifically, if they are given transformation gear of someone that is not of Super Sentai, for example, Kamen Rider and Metal Hero, a golden glow is created and it transforms all of the transformation's gear's forms and abilities into that of a Key, like the OOO Rider Keys.


  • Mobilate
  • Gokai Buckle
  • Gokai Sabre
  • Gokai Gun
  • Ranger Keys


  • Gokai Galleon
  • LT-06: Only piloted during the events of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie.

Final Waves

  • Gokai Blast and Slash: Marvelous's preferred final wave. Inserting a Ranger Key into both his Gokai Saber and Gokai Gun, Marvelous fires a Gokai Blast which is combined with the Gokai Slash. Marvelous performs a Blast and Slash during the Gokai Scramble team attack.


As a Gokaiger, Gokai Red can transform into any past ranger. While there's the obvious preference for all 35 red rangers, Gokai Red, just like all members of his team can utilize the powers of any other ranger. Recently, in Zyuohger, he has obtained all 39 Super Sentai Ranger Keys along with his team members, able to go from Go-Buster to Zyuohger.

Tatoba Combo

Tatoba Combo


— Transformation announcement

Tatoba Combo (タトバコンボ Tatoba Konbo), also known as the Multi Combo (複数コンボ Fukusū Konbo), is a particular Kamen Rider key used by Marvelous. In this form he has the same statistics and ability parameters as Eiji does in his Tatoba Combo or default form, as well as possessing his arsenal. He can use Tatoba Kick in this form.


  • Medajalibur - OOO's personal weapon.


Tajadol Combo


KAAAAMEN RIDER! OOO! (Eagle screech) Ta~ja~dol! „ 

— Transformation announcement

Tajadol Combo (タジャドルコンボ Tajadoru Konbo), also known as the Blazing Combo (炎のコンボ Honō no Konbo), is Kamen Rider OOO's red combination, using the powers of Ankh's Core Medals: Taka, Kujaku, and Condor. This form is also an ascension to Gokai Red's Tatoba Combo Rider key. Just like the former, it has the same statistics, ability parameters, and unique skills as Eiji does in his Tajadol Combo. He can use Prominence Drop in this form.


  • Taja Spinner - Tajadol Combo's primary weapon.

Draft Redder

Draft Redder

MEEETAL HERO! Draft Redder! „ 

— Transformation announcement

Draft Redder is Hayato Kano's default form. In turn, Marvelous also possesses his key. He has the same statistics and ability parameters as Hayato does in his Draft Redder form.


  • Access Lock S
  • Revolback G-3
  • Try Shaft
  • Hydrander
  • Turbo Unit W
  • EDRT-006 Guardler
  • E.M-Blade
  • Buildriver

Gokai Red-Silver



— Transformation announcement

During the time Insarn's gun fused Marvelous and Gai, their powers became fused together, and so, when Gai used his key with Marvelous's Mobilate, the hybrid form of Gokai Red and Gokai Silver was made.


  • Mobilate
  • Gokai Buckle
  • Gokai Sabre
  • Gokai Sabre
  • Ranger Keys

Gold Form



— Transformation announcement

This is Gokai Red's ultimate form. Using Gokai Silver's Gold Anchor Key, he can became Gokai Red Gold Mode. However, as it is Gai's key, Gokai Red's Gold Mode is identical to Gokai Silver's Gold Mode, with the 15 Sixth Rangers rather than the past 34 Red Rangers. But instead, this still does not apply to the entire form itself; as he can utilize the spiritual powers of the past 34 Red Rangers in his form just like Gai when he is in this form.

Since Gokai Red and his team members have all 39 Super Sentai Ranger Keys, it can be assumed he and their team members' Gold Forms can now utilize the added successor's powers in their ultimate forms.


  • Gokai Sabre
  • Gokai Spear Anchor Mode


  • Final Wave: Gokai Red Gold Mode twirls the Gokai Spear before striking it with a Gokai Slash, sending the Gokai Spear flying in a spinning motion towards the opponent to buzz saw through them.


His bounty was initially at 1,000,000 Zagin when they met Ahim and was increased to 1,500,000 before reaching Earth, but this is eventually raised to 3,000,000. This is then raised even further to 5,000,000. After the death of Warz Gill, he now has a "UNLIMITED" reward bounty on his head, meaning if anyone captures Marvelous and hands them over to the Zangyack, the captors can get any kind of reward in return.

He probably still possesses the bounty.


  • While not the first alien Sentai hero, Marvelous is the first full-time alien Red Ranger. The only other notable alien Red of Earth in Sentai is Leonian Gyoku Rou of Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, but he was of a period prior to Earth SPD using the typical Sentai battle suits and was only in four episodes at the end of the season. Comparatively, Power Rangers had two full-time Red Rangers of alien descent prior: Aurico and Andros.
  • Marvelous is the only male Gokaiger whose name consists of more than three letters.
  • Gokai Red is mentioned by Hiromu (Red Buster) in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger vs. Go-Busters: Dinosaur Great Battle! Farewell, Eternal Friends, when he thanks Daigo (Kyoryu Red) for helping them in Go-Busters vs. Gokaiger.

Counterpart notes

  • Marvelous shares a few things in common with 3 out of 5 of the other Gokaigers in terms of counterparts:
    • He is one of three Gokaigers to have a counterpart from all 34 past Super Sentai teams (the other two being Joe and Luka).
    • He is one of two Gokaigers to have all of their counterparts share the same color as them and be a part of their respective teams' primary groups (the other one being Joe).
    • He is one of two Gokaigers to have all of their counterparts share the same gender as them (the other one being Don).
  • Overall, Marvelous is the only one to have a counterpart from all 34 previous Sentai teams with the same color and gender as him and be a part of their teams' primary formation.
  • With Red Rangers normally being the commander of the team, or at least a figurehead, Captain Marvelous remains in the center, even in teams where Red isn't the leader.
  • He is the only male Gokaiger with any replacement counterparts. In this case, VulEagle and TimeRed.
  • 5 Red Rangers (TimeFire, KabutoRaiger, Wolzard Fire, AkaRed, and Princess Shinken Red) are not Marvelous' counterparts, as 4 of these Reds aren't part of their respective teams' primary groups, while one of them doesn't come from a Sentai team at all.
  • Marvelous has the most counterparts with a Bird motif (VulEagle, Red Falcon, Red Hawk, HurricaneRed, MagiRed, Go-On Red), considering his Kamen Rider OOOIcon-crosswiki counterpart (Tajadol Combo) just happens to be the all Red Bird motif combo (Taka/Hawk, Kujaku/Peacock, Condor).

Gokai Change notes

  • Throughout most of the season, Marvelous has used only Red Rangers. The only time he uses a different color is when the whole team joins in.
  • Notably, his first non-Red Gokai Change, Bouken Silver, has a bit of brilliance to it: Bouken Silver's main mecha is GoGo Fire/Siren Builder, where it is mainly red. It was also piloted by Bouken Red at one point in his native series.
  • Marvelous is the only Gokaiger who has never transformed into a Black Ranger.
  • Of the 5 core Gokaigers, Marvelous has had the least amount of non-core Ranger transformations.
  • Of all of his Red Ranger counterparts, Marvelous transformed into Shinken Red the most with 7 transformations, 8 if you include Hyper Shinken Red in Episode 51. His least transformed counterparts are Red Flash and GoRed, with only one transformation each.

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