Century-Keizer Ghidorah
Century-Keizer Ghidorah
Used by
Protean, Jay, Zanon, Izilbolgia, IrisuGame, Rosa Biollante, AlenaGoji, Kashima C
140 meters
200 meters
I really hate this planet, filled with goddamn Earthlings. „ 

— Century-Keizer Ghidorah

Century-Keizer Ghidorah (also known as CenturyKaizaaGhido, The Legendary Ghidorah, or Century-Emperor Ghidorah) is a evil skeletal Ghidorah kaiju created and used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


The name "Century-Keizer Ghidorah" comes from Century, and from the German word "kaiser", meaning emperor, and finally "Ghidorah", coming from the immediate name of the Ghidorah species.


Century-Keizer Ghidorah incorporates elements of both CenturyGhido and Century Desghidorah in his appearance.

Like Century Desghidorah, he is quadrupedal, and like CenturyGhido he has golden skin. CenturyKaizaaGhido has much larger wings than the other Ghidorahs, and lacks defined scales on his skin, instead having smooth gold skin with bluish streaks and spikes erupting from multiple spots on his body.

Century-Keizer Ghidorah's middle neck is much longer than the other two, and each of his heads has a different arrangement of horns and spikes. he also possesses two long, whip-like tails.


Century-Keizer Ghidorah is a truly-evil kaiju, as shown in his RP appearances where he blasts and beats his opponents mercilessly across multiple cities, throwing the opponent around with his gravity beams and kicking it in the head.


He crashed into the planet Earth as a small meteor, but his origins are unknown expect that he came from outer space.



Introduction: Rampage in Los Angeles

Another meteor crashes into Earth, but it contains a Ghidorah and rampages in Los Angeles.

He flies away from the city after his attack, leaving it in ruins.

Battle in Taipei: Century-Keizer Ghidorah vs. Protean and Jay

He rampages through Taipei, Taiwan, but he fought Protean and Jay. He almost killed Jay by slamming him to Taipei 101, but he survives and made the Ghidorah retreat.

Battle in Baguio City: Century-Keizer Ghidorah vs. Zanon

He reappeared in Baguio City, Philippines after their battle with Jay on Taipei, but he fought Zanon, Izilbolgia, IrisuGame, and Rosa Biollante.


Rampage in the United States

After crashing into the Atlantic Ocean, Century-Keizer Ghidorah wreaks havoc in New York City and Chicago, with the military unable to stop the evil kaiju, it than flies away leaving both cities in ruins.

Attack on London: AlenaGoji vs. Century-Keizer Ghidorah

He reappears in London, where he starts wreaking havoc, but AlenaGoji and Kashima C both appeared and tries to stop him. After an lengthy battle, Kashima C made the Ghidorah retreat as his two heads got blown up during the battle.


Antigravity beams

Century-Keizer Ghidorah using its Antigravity Beams.

Antigravity beams (2)

Century-Keizer Ghidorah grabbing an opponent using its Antigravity Beams.

  • Antigravity Beams - Century-Keizer Ghidorah possesses a more powerful variant of an Ghidorah's gravity beams, called the Antigravity Beam. He spits these beams in continuous streams from all three of his mouths. These beams are seemingly stronger than an Gojiran's atomic breath. He can also guide their paths and pick up and throw objects with them.
  • Energy Siphoning - He has the ability to directly siphon energy from any opponent by biting down into it. His necks glow as the energy passes through them.


Century-Keizer Ghidorah becomes disoriented after losing his middle head, and is easily defeated after this point. He is also vulnerable to his own Antigravity Beams.



  • Century-Keizer Ghidorah might be a hybrid between Century Desghidorah and CenturyGhido, as his appearance is based between the two Ghidorahs.
  • His nickname, The Legendary Ghidorah, should not be confused with the MonsterVerse incarnation of King Ghidorah, which is going to appear in the 2019 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters.
    • His other nickname, Century-Emperor Ghidorah, is a reference to the unmade kaiju Emperor Ghidorah, which was an early version of Keizer Ghidorah that was planned to appear in the 1994 film Godzilla vs. Emperor Ghidorah which later became Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla.