Century Anguirus
Used by
Earth Defenders
PS4Goji, Gomora, Space M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Armor M.O.G.U.E.R.A., Cybersaur, Monster X, Onibaba, Mutavore, Titanium FinalGigan, Space15Goji, CenturyNiseGoji, 15Goji, Skeleturtle, Karloff, Onacha, Dopant Rider Venus, RyuMask, Garou, AdonisGoji, Ooaranya
Irradiated/Giant Ankylosaurus
90 meters
160 meters

Century Anguirus (also known as CenturyAngira) is a ankylosaurus kaiju created and used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


CenturyAngira's appearance is a four-legged dinosaur that looks similar to an ankylosaurus.

He has several horns at the top of his head and a a single horn above his nose like a rhinoceros.

CenturyAngira's face is long and drawn out, like a crocodile, and has rows of jagged, serrated teeth.

His carapace is studded with long, sharp spikes. CenturyAngira's tail is longer than his body and makes up most of his body length, and is covered with spikes.

His hind limbs are longer than his forelimbs, enabling him to stand up on them to his full height, but he generally walks upon all fours.


CenturyAngira is depicted as a very tenacious and fierce fighter. Despite constantly going up against enemies tougher than himself, he rarely backs down and always puts up a vicious fight. Despite his fierce nature, CenturyAngira has traditionally being a close friend on several monsters (such as GKC BatoGoji, Little Godzilla, CenturyRado, or Meesmoth).


CenturyAngira is a relative of the dinosaur Ankylosaurus that lived around the same time as the Gojirans. Just like the Gojirans, he managed to survive into the modern day by lying dormant somewhere, presumably underwater, before being awakened and irradiated by nuclear bomb tests in the 1950's.




He first appeared in Birth Island, when Birth Island was attacked by a group of kaijus (but later he was seen retreating).

Attack on New York City

He reappeared in New York City, looking for his old mate GKC LegendaryGoji but accidentally caused destruction in the process.

Battle in the Pacific

He appeared in a small island along with GKC Ice Rodan, GKC DesuGoji, and GKC LegendaryGoji to fight PS4Goji (including Gomora).

GKC DesuGoji and Ice Rodan were killed, forcing them to retreat.

Mount Fuji Mayhem: CenturyAngira vs. Space M.O.G.U.E.R.A.

He fought Space M.O.G.U.E.R.A. in Mount Fuji on Japan, but he was killed.


Reappearance in 2016: CenturyAngira

He reappeared in Shanghai, China and fought Mutavore, Onibaba, Titanium Gigan, Monster X, and Space15Goji.

CenturyAngira vs. CenturyNiseGoji

He fought CenturyNiseGoji in the countryside of the Philippines, and retreats underground after CenturyNiseGoji breaks his jaw.

Attack on Paris

CenturyAngira appears in Paris, France and he fought Skeleturtle, 15Goji, Mutavore, Karloff, Onacha, Dopant Rider Venus, RyuMask, and Garou.


Reappearance in Alena Island

He than appears in Alena Island, and meets SophiaGoji which is AlenaGoji's adopted daughter.

Destruction in Alena Island

A tropical storm is than heading towards Alena Island, when a 7.8 earthquake also occurs, forcing CenturyAngira to burrow underground as he waits for AlenaGoji to come back.

Attack on Arizona

Main article: Attack on Arizona


CenturyAngira does not have any "special" abilities in particular, so he uses his teeth, claws, horns, and spiked carapace as his weapons.

He possess astounding stamina and determination, able to keep fighting after absorbing vicious assaults that would force other monsters into retreat.