Evil Twin of Meesmoth
Battra Larva
Used by
AlenaGoji, ReginaGoji, DesireeGoji
Rosa Biollante
Dark Divine Moth
None (Larva)
None (Imago)
90 meters (Larva)
73 meters (Imago)

Century Battra (also known as CenturyBato or Evil Meesmoth) is a dark divine moth kaiju created and used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


CenturyBato is solely concerned with the defense of the Earth, and will do whatever he can to protect it. Unlike Meesmoth, CenturyBato sees humanity as a blight on the Earth that must be destroyed if the planet is to survive. CenturyBato has made it his mission to eradicate the human race, which puts him into conflict with Meesmoth.


10,000 B.C.

Backstory: Meesmoth vs. CenturyBato

Century Battra was created by the Earth itself thousand of years ago, when an ancient civilization created a climate-controlling device, which greatly angered the Earth. CenturyBato's purpose was to destroy the device, but he went well beyond his purpose and eradicated the entire civilization, intending to wipe out all of the human race as well. Meesmoth challenged CenturyBato and defeated him, sealing him in the Bering Sea.


Introduction: Battle of Regina Island

Main article: Battle of Regina Island

During the events of Battle of Regina Island, the explosion that destroyed Regina Island awakened several monsters in the Pacific: including Death Kappa, 15Goji, and even CenturyBato himself.

Attack on Osaka: CenturyBato vs. Rosa Biollante

He fought Rosa Biollante in Osaka, but later he retreats as he's still weak on his larva form to fight Rosa Biollante.

Meeting AlenaGoji

He met AlenaGoji while the island has been renamed to Alena Island.


Larva Form

In his larval form, CenturyBato was a horribly brutal opponent who was relentless and remorseless in his attacks. In this form, he wielded a massive, yellow horn which could be put to use as a battering ram or bludgeoning weapon. From the horn, he was also capable of firing off furious, electrical blasts of an orange-yellow color.

He could fire similar, electrical blasts of a purple color from his crimson eyes. However, these beams would often fly wildly about, Century Battra not appearing to have any precise control over their direction. The titanic larva could also create energy pulses from his massive horn as another form of attack.

Imago Form

In his imago form, he lost the ability to burrow or swim, but attained flight at mach 3 speed with its new wings, allowing for an easier and more efficient form travel for further destruction. The once-prominent horn had disappeared and had been replaced with three, smaller horns. These horns were incapable of releasing energy beams, anymore, but he developed more powerful optic beams, known as "Prism Beams". Unlike the beams used in his larval form, an adult CenturyBato had complete control over the Prism Beams, which also are far more powerful in this form.

He also had developed three pairs of legs and would utilize them for grasping objects. While in his imago form, CenturyBato sports yet more enhanced strength, being able to grab and throw large objects (including tall skyscrapers and large ferris wheels such as Taipei 101 or High Roller, despite the fact those structures are heavier than CenturyBato) when working together with Meesmoth. The imago form of CenturyBato could also release an "energy shock" from its feet in order to subdue foes while in close combat.



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