Century Destoroyah
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Obsidian, Battlefield Battra, Glacier, Eclipse, Atmos
Wild Groudon, GKC BatoGoji, GKC ShodaiGoji, CenturyRado, Meesmoth, IguanaGoji, Tegora, Godzilla, Bandai MireGoji, Toto, ReginaGoji, CenturyGoji, Female SpaceGodzilla, Monster X 2007, PS4 Destoroyah, PS4 Godzilla 2014, AlenaGoji
Irradiated Prehistoric Crustacean
1mm-10 cm (Micro)
2-20 meters (Juvenile)
80 meters (Aggregate)
190 meters (Final)
3mm-30cm (Micro)
2-18 meters (Juvenile)
60 meters (Aggregate)
90 meters (Flying)
300 meters (Final)
Get out, or I'll **** you. „ 

— CenturyDesutoroia

Century Destoroyah (also known as CenturyDesutoroia or CenturyDesu) is a crustacean kaiju created by ShodaiMeesmothLarva, but is now currently used by Gallibon the Destroyer


CenturyDesutoroia has multiple forms to transform: he has his microscopic form, insect-sized form, 2-meter form, 18-meter crab-like forms, a larger aggregate crab-like form, a bat-like flying form, and a bipedal 190-meter, demonic final form.


CenturyDesutoroia is often considered one of Meesmoth's most merciless, intelligent and evil foes, along with Century-Keizer Ghidorah and Female SpaceGodzilla. Unlike monsters that kill and destroy unintentionally and act only out of instinct or under mind control, CenturyDesutoroia seems fully aware of the death and destruction he causes, and takes pleasure in causing it.

His strategies seem to revolve around causing as much pain to his opponents as possible.


CenturyDesutoroia originated as a colony of Precambrian era microscopic crustaceans that had thrived living in anaerobic environments 2.5 billion years ago, and had survived into the 21st century trapped inside the iconic Mayon Volcano in the Philippines, and its frequent eruptions led to his awakening.



Introduction: Mayon Volcano Erupts

CenturyDesutoroia rises from Mayon Volcano, and heads to Birth Island to kill a Wild Groudon.

CenturyDesutoroia vs. GKC BatoGoji

He fought GKC BatoGoji, but after an lengthy battle he retreats after being was almost killed by GKC BatoGoji.

Philippine Sea Rumble: CenturyDesutoroia vs. GKC ShodaiGoji

He appears in the Pacific, he fought and killed GKC ShodaiGoji with ease using his Micro-Oxygen Beam.

Defending Birth Island

After he killed GKC ShodaiGoji, he begins living in Birth Island, he also helps the other monsters to kill CenturyRado and Meesmoth.

Death of CenturyDesutoroia

He reappears in Manila, causing destruction. but flies to Osaka and fought IguanaGoji, Tegora, Godzilla, and Bandai MireGoji.

He was killed by Godzilla and Bandai MireGoji, after an lenghty battle.


CenturyDesutoroia Attacks

CenturyDesutoroia attacks San Francisco, while Meesmoth tried to stop him. CenturyDesutoroia quickly overpowers Meesmoth, causing him to retreat. AlenaGoji comes in and fights the Destoroyah, but she was slammed into the Golden Gate Bridge, trapping her on the bridge's cables.


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Revenge for DesireeGoji

Main article: Revenge for DesireeGoji


  • Micro-Oxygen Beam - In all of his forms, CenturyDesutoroia's primary offensive weapon is his ability to expel Micro-Oxygen from his mouth.
  • Laser Horn - In his final form, the horn projecting from his forehead had the ability to generate a blade of energy powerful enough to cut through an Gojiran's flesh.
  • Spikes and Pincers - His aggregate form was equipped with spiked claws similar to those of a praying mantis, while his flying and final forms possessed a tail tipped with a grappling pincer that was strong enough to even hold and drag an opponent. The tail also had the ability to drain energy and give an energy discharge.
  • Division and Recombination - CenturyDesutoroia is a composite lifeform formed from trillions of near-microscopic organisms, and as such he possesses vast capacities to adapt and regenerate. The base organism resembles a miniature horseshoe crab barely larger than a speck of sand.
  • Durability - He could survive multiple hits from an Gojiran's spiral ray (although he was shown vomiting large amounts of yellow-colored blood and losing some body parts to the beam).

Unused Abilities

CenturyDesutoroia has several abilities but is not used in any of his RP appearances.

  • Stomach Beam - He can fire a beam fired from the floral pattern on his chest known simply as the Stomach Beam, that is powerful enough to cut off several body parts of the Gojiran species such as their tail or their dorsal plates.
  • DNA Absorption - He also can absorb the DNA of creatures he attacks by dissolving their cells with Micro-Oxygen.


Extreme temperatures can destroy the Micro-Oxygen in his body and seriously injure him. Major examples of weapons that can kill him are Maser Cannons, Cadmium shells, and freeze cannons.



  • His quote in the Battle of Birth Island event, "Get out, or I'll **** you" became one of Meesmoth's known quotes and also later becames a known meme in the WZRP community.
  • The Stomach Beam ability isn't used in any of his RP appearances due to being overpowered, allowing him to cut off several body parts of the Gojiran species with ease.