Used by
Meesterians (Commander/Master)
Century Desghidorah (archenemy)
ReginaGoji, CenturyGoji, Female SpaceGodzilla, Neo SpaceGodzilla, Rosa Biollante, Clover, Spyler, Wargilgar, Zone Fighter 2007, Jikiro, Meesmoth, Augmented Garasharp, Weird Marukobukarappa, Gamera 2007, CenturyDesutoroia, Monster X 2007, PS4 Destoroyah, PS4 Godzilla 2014, AlenaGoji
Cybernetic Space Dinosaur
120 meters
250 meters
The Meesterians

CenturyGigan is an alien cyborg kaiju created and used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


CenturyGigan has a circular saw weapon located in his frontal abdominal region, large double-pronged chainsaws, spikes running down his tail, three, large fin-like spines on his back and a red cybernetic visor for an eye.

He also bears various avian characteristics, such as a 'crest' made of metal spines and a metal beak.


CenturyGigan is shown to be very vicious and sadistic in combat, preferring to shred his opponents up close with his chainsaws and buzzsaw.

He appears to be a bit of a coward, retreating and leaving his ally at the mercy of his enemies as soon as the tide of battle turns against him.


CenturyGigan is a type of space dinosaur that was transformed into a cyborg by the Meesterians, and he was summoned to help CenturyGhido on Earth.




A meteor crashes into New York City, and reveals to be CenturyGigan and begins causing destruction before heading towards San Francisco.

Attack on Jakarta

He was ordered to attack Jakarta, Indonesia along with CenturyGhido and CenturyMekaGoji, but AlenaGoji appears and stops them.

Revenge for DesireeGoji

Main article: Revenge for DesireeGoji


  • Cluster Light Beam - He can fire a beam from his eye itself, that would become a large energy blast that-in a manner similar to a cluster bomb: would split into smaller explosive bolts of energy upon entering close range of a target, saturating the target in multiple hits simultaneously.
  • Buzzsaw - He has a buzzsaw built into his abdominal area made of an unknown alien alloy: granting it considerable durability and sharpness.
  • Hooked Appendages/Chainsaws - CenturyGigan's forearms ended in scythe like blades, the undersides of which were each equipped with dual grappling hooks which he could use to bind an enemy and then drag them straight into his buzzsaw. Following his mission to help CenturyGhido, the blades were replaced with double-pronged chainsaws.
  • Flight - He is capable of flying at speeds of up to Mach 3 while in Earth's atmosphere. However, in the realm of space, CenturyGigan is capable of flight at speeds of Mach 400 by encasing himself in a diamond.
  • Miscellaneous - CenturyGigan displayed the ability to fire guided razor discs from two hidden slots in his upper torso which were able to boomerang back for a second attempt if they initially missed their target.




  • This is one of the few mecha characters used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.
  • Originally, Meesmoth is going to use GKC Modified Gigan. but he can't, so he created CenturyGigan instead.

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