Century Hedorah
Used by
SHMA Kiryu, Doras, Ucigas, Space15Goji, CenturyGhido, Kongzilla, Viras, Alien Metron, Nemesis, BirthGoji, AlenaGoji, CenturyMekaGoji, SophiaGoji, Zilla Junior
Alien Pollution Creature
50 meters (Water)
100 meters (Land)
90 meters (Flying)
200 meters (Final)
80 meters (Water)
120 meters (Land)
100 meters (Flying)
398 meters (Final)

Century Hedorah (also known as CenturyHedo) are a species of alien pollution kaiju that can be used by anyone, but are mostly used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


The name "CenturyHedo" comes from Century, and Hedo, which is named after hedoro (ヘドロ), a Japanese word for sludge, slime, or ooze.


  • In his water form, it resembled a tadpole.
  • In his land form, it resembled a quadrupedal reptile.
  • In his flying form, it resembled a flying saucer.
  • In his final form, it resembled a humanoid.

CenturyHedo's forms all share multiple common characteristics - all have green, kelp-like surfaces and large, yellow eyes with red irises. These eyes are positioned so that they blink sideways.


CenturyHedo seems to be primarily driven by instinct and the will to survive, and the horrific death and destruction he causes are mostly derived from his bizarre biological properties rather than any true malice.

However, he does demonstrate aggression and an ever-increasing amount of intelligence and awareness in his RP appearances, such as during the Battle of Dumaguete RP where he even answers and seems to mimic gestures. He is also sometimes laughing when attacking an opponent, such as when he attacks CenturyMekaGoji with his sludge that damaged him.


CenturyHedo was an alien life form from the Dark Gaseous Nebula in the Orion constellation that landed on Earth traveling on a comet for at least 243 light years.




A small meteor hits the Pacific Ocean near Birth Island, but days later several ship disasters began occurring around the Pacific.

Rampage in Los Angeles: CenturyHedo vs. S.H. MonsterArts Kiryu

He appeared in Los Angeles to feed, but encounters and fought SHMA Kiryu.

SHMA Kiryu killed him during his attempts to retreat.

Reappearance in Tokyo

CenturyHedo reappeared in Tokyo, and begins causing destruction. he begins attacking the city's industrial area, but he fought Doras.


Battle of the Space Monsters: CenturyHedo vs. Space15Goji

CenturyHedo met an SpaceGojiran called Space15Goji, and the two space monsters clashed in a dual battle that ended Space15Goji victory.


Battle of Dumaguete

Main article: Battle of Dumaguete

In the Philippines: AlenaGoji and SophiaGoji vs. CenturyHedo

Another CenturyHedo appears in the Philippines, on its land form and tries to consume pollution there. But AlenaGoji and her daughter SophiaGoji appears and both made the Hedorah retreat after an short battle.

The Wrong City

CenturyHedo appears in Manila, but AlenaGoji and Zilla Junior appears and later causes him to retreat after an short battle.

The Meesterian Invasion

Main article: The Meesterian Invasion.


CenturyHedo possessed many special abilities:

  • Acidic Sludge - CenturyHedo is composed almost entirely of acidic, sludge-like material, which he uses as his primary means of attack. He can launch pieces of his body at opponents, which will burn or smother them. He can also discharge large quantities of sludge without impacting his size in any way.
  • Sulfuric Mist - He does not require oxygen to survive, but rather thrives on inhaling toxic pollutants. The byproduct of him consuming these pollutants is a highly concentrated Sulfuric Acid Mist, which is capable of corroding any metal and completely disintegrating organic life, but only his Flying and Final forms has this ability.
  • Hedorium Light Beam - He is also capable of firing a crimson laser beam from its eye known as the Hedorium Light Beam, which is capable of setting objects on fire, but only his Flying and Final forms has this ability.
  • Division and Recombination - CenturyHedo, like other Hedorahs, is a hive organism, composed of multiple smaller CenturyHedos having joined together. He can grow in size and power by merging with other Hedorahs, or split apart into multiple smaller ones and recombine at a later time, but this ability is not used in any of his RP appearances.
  • Durability - As a result of his acidic and amorphous body, he has extremely strong defenses. Conventional weapons such as missiles are useless against him, as they simply pass through him, leaving him unharmed. While most variants of an normal Gojiran's atomic breath only causes him to spark, while attacking him physically is a poor choice, as any contact with his extremely corrosive blood results in horrific injuries. Only his eyes are affected by its own blood, and it has to close its eye whenever it bleeds to prevent the eye from being damaged.


  • Dehydration - Due to his body is composed of a moist, sludge-like substance, he is vulnerable to being dried out by strong electrical currents, such as an powerful variant of a Gojiran's atomic breath or an Ghidorah's gravity beams.




  • CenturyHedo can break apart into multiple smaller ones, allowing Meesmoth or any other users to use multiple CenturyHedos at the same time.
  • This is Meesmoth's second character that is an species, after Meesmoth.