Century MechaGodzilla
Century MechaGodzilla
Used by
Meesterians (creators)
Century Desghidorah (archenemy)
Nefasturris, CenturyAngira, AlenaGoji
100 meters
The Meesterians
I hope these Earthlings liked our most strongest weapon: Century MechaGodzilla. „ 

— Meesterian Leader, on the second part of Revenge for DesireeGoji

Damn Earthlings, You're mistaken if you think your technology and weapons are a match for Century MechaGodzilla. „ 

— Meesterian Leader, on the third part of Revenge for DesireeGoji

Century MechaGodzilla (also known as CenturyMekaGoji) is an alien mecha created and used by ShodaiMeesmothLarva.


CenturyMekaGoji's name comes from the word Century, and "mecha", which is derived from "mechanical", and from another kaiju, Godzilla (ゴジラ Gojira).


He has short and stubby finger missiles, a metal piece with three bolts on the hand plate. a less defined and prominent shoulder frill, one orange button each on the chest and above the crotch. a bottom-half pentagon underneath the chest cannon, two circular pieces coming from the chest canon. smooth grooves that runs along the back feet, the knee plates gets smaller as they go towards the back of its legs. a smooth and solid tail blade, the plates on the tail are smooth and run straight across.

And red "MG" initials on its arms that stands for "MechaGodzilla".


CenturyMekaGoji was constructed by the Meesterians following close study of a real Gojiran as a tool to conquer the Earth. Initially, he was covered in a pseudo-skin that almost perfectly disguised it as a Gojiran.



Introduction: CenturyMekaGoji vs. Nefasturris

CenturyMekaGoji first appeared from Mayon Volcano disgused as a Gojiran, and begins attacking the military on Legazpi City, Albay. until the Full-Metal missiles damaged his skin and revealing metal underneath. However another entity had plans for the city, this creature being the demon Nefasturris also known as the "Tower of Misery".

The two titans clashed in an immense battle of machine vs. demon. However the tactics, versatility and might of the demon proved to be too much and so the Meesterians dispatched CenturyGhido to aid him against the demon. The demon faced some trouble as the numbers were against him and both of his adversaries packed a lot of firepower. However both CenturyMekaGoji and CenturyGhido were flung back by a carefully executed attack by the demon, stunning the Ghidorah, leaving both the machine and the demon back in the battle.

Nefasturris using his intangibility to his advantage, managed to phase within the machine and damaged it from the inside, causing it to malfunction though it was still repairable. CenturyGhido, having broken free from its mind control for a short amount of time, destroyed the rest of the city after the demon had left while the Meesterians brought back CenturyMekaGoji for repairs.

CenturyNiseGoji vs. CenturyAngira

CenturyMekaGoji reappeared in the Philippines as CenturyNiseGoji, and fought CenturyAngira. During the battle, he breaks CenturyAngira's jaw and causing him to retreat.

Preparing the Earth Invasion

The Meesterians are constructing several Century MechaGodzillas in preparation for their invasion of Earth, but one is sent to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to aid the original CenturyMekaGoji from his battle with CenturyBarubaroi, AlenaGoji and Neo SuperMechaGodzilla.

Attack on Jakarta

He was ordered to attack Jakarta, Indonesia along with CenturyGhido and CenturyGigan, but AlenaGoji appears and stops them.


Century MechaGodzilla has armor constructed out of a mysterious alloy known as "Space Titanium", which actually proved to not be particularly durable, he is also equipped with a staggering amount of firepower.

  • Rainbow Beam - He is capable of firing a rainbow colored optical laser that seems to be equal in power to a Gojiran's atomic breath.
    • Atomic Breath - When disguised as a Gojiran, CenturyMekaGoji could fire a heat ray from its mouth, meant to mimic a Gojiran's atomic breath.
  • Rotating Head - Its head can rotate 360 degrees, allowing the robotic monster to shoot down an opponent that might attempt to approach from behind (althrough spinning its head at high speed allows CenturyMekaGoji to raise a forcefield).
  • Unlimited Missiles - CenturyMekaGoji also equipped with powerful missiles in its fingers, knees, mouth, and even its toes, These missiles can explode on contact with a target. or they may lodge in the flesh of an enemy like darts, his hands can rotate to assist in aiming his finger missiles.
  • Chest Beam - Located under a hatch in his chest is a weapon that fires a jagged orange energy beam with enough slicing power to cut a mountain in half.



  • This is Meesmoth's third MechaGojiran character, after MechaGodzilla 5 and MechaGodzilla 6.
  • His introduction where he emerges in Mayon Volcano is a reference to the film Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla, where MechaGodzilla emerges in the erupting Mount Fuji.

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