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The Chameleon
Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Zilla Junior, Makia, IguanaGoji, Gfantis, Gamoni, BirthGoji, Ultraman Noa
Jiran Clone
50-90 meters
Viledrodes (formerly)
Godzilla: The Series Kaiju

Chameleon is a mutant Zilla Jr. clone and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


The Chameleon is very shady and likes to remain hidden in the background. He has a very large ego of himself and he thinks he's better than almost everybody. Despite this, he likes to remain quiet and saves the gloating for later. He absolutely loves to take on the forms of other people.


His origins are the same as in Godzilla: The Series as The Chameleon was created by Cameron Winter by using cells recovered from Godzilla.

The Chameleon in it's first inital appearances was only seen lurking in the shadows and hidden in the background, and was not properly seen until his battle with Makia in Reno, Nevada. After a long, brutal fight the Chameleon retreated.

Chameleon reappeared again to briefly fight against both Gamoni and Gfantis in Argentina. He was quickly defeated. 

Chameleon showed up again later with Gokidon and the two kaiju terrorized and destroyed most of a city. It wasn't until Albino Irys showed up and began to fight them both off. After the brawl, Gokidon retreated and a severely wounded Chameleon swam to a nearby, secluded area where his true master called upon him...

Chameleon was also resent for Garbage Monster's attack on Indonesia, but he was badly beaten by BirthGoji and Ultraman Noa, so he was forced to retreat.

After the attack on Indonesia, Chameleon has not been seen since, making his whereabouts and where he's at now a mystery.


  • Chameleon can shapeshift into other characters by biting into them and acquiring their DNA.
  • Chameleon has a high resistance to the Gojiran's beams, and possibly others.
  • Chameleon can change it's color of skin flawlessly and blend into surrounding environment.
  • Chameleon can shoot out a freezing ice beam from it's strange head.
  • Chameleon is very agile.
  • Chameleon's tail can grow back if it get's cut off or destroyed in some way.


  • Chemical Weapons specifically designed to kill it.
  • Chameleon does not like to stay out in battle too long.


  • Chameleon is not to be confused with Chameleon Zilla, who is a completely different character.
  • Chameleon's theme is "Albion Disguised" from Destroy All Humans! 2 Soundtrack.
  • Chameleon is the first monster aligned with the Viledrodes who is from Earth and is not of alien origin. The second is Miba and the third is Hangyolas.
  • He and Kojira are both classified as "Pseudo-Gojirans" as they are not true Gojirans, but mutations.
  • Originally he was capable of speech, but this idea was soon discarded.

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