Champion Magma
Champion Magma
Used by
Glass Poltergeist
Zangief, Humans
Lava Lamp Monster
8 ft. 3 in.

— Champion Magma

Champion Magma (チャンピオンマグマ, Chanpionmaguma) is lava lamp kaijin and an RP conceptualized and used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Champion Magma is very boastful and strong kaijin, acting very professional wrestler-like. He tends to boast a lot, is very hot-headed and isn't very bright.


Debut and Death: Go Fight Champion Magma!

Glass Poltergeist was roaming the streets of Fukuoka and decided to unleash the mighty Champion Magma to burn down and melt the city with his mercury lava. Champion Magma went to work right away, but he was intervened by a strong Russian fighter who asked him what he was trying to do; which Champion Magma said he had come to burn down the city and wreak havoc. The fighter just laughed, then flexed his clothes, revealing his true attire and showing off his scars. The fighter then revealed himself to be Zangief. Champion Magma then challenged Zangief to a fighting match and the two then began to fight.

I'll THROTTLE you down to the ground! „ 

— Champion Magma

Champion Magma then charged at Zangief. Zangief just stood there, before....grabbing Champion Magma with his hands, his grip was very strong. Zangief then turned him upside-down, before leaping high up; before spinning down as Champion Magma came down, pulling off his signature Spinning Piledriver. Champion Magma was thrown down, but got back up and hurled his club-like hands at Zangief, who then did a Spinning Lariat to counter.

Champion Magma then fired a fiery beam at Zangief. Zangief thought fast and then dodged it backwards before doing the Spinning Lariat again. Champion Magma was literally steamed. Champion Magma then raised up his hands, flailed them around, then fired two Magma Beams towards Zangief. Zangief was hit bad, but not burned. Champion Magma then leaped up and kicked at Zangief; Zangief then gather up some energy and then slammed his fist at Champion Magma headfirst. Champion Magma then swung his club-like arms again at Zangief at the same time, getting them both down.

As Champion Magma then charged back at Zanigef; then time practically stood still as Zangief suddenly grabbed Champion Magma, full of anger. Zangief then did the flip back headslam thing from earlier twice against Champion Magma and then delivered his signature move the Atomic Buster against Champion Magma, finishing off Champion Magma. Champion Magma then sparked up and then fell over and exploded, ending Champion Magma once and for all. The crowd then went wild for Zangief.

Abilities & Arsenal

  • Strength: Champion Magma was very strong.
  • Magma Beams: Champion Magma could fire streams of mercury magma from his arms.
  • Flame Stream: Champion Magma could fire a fiery beam from his eye.
  • Clubs: Champion Magma could also use his arms like clubs.


  • Champion Magma's original name was simply "Lava Lamp".
  • Champion Magma's design is based off both the Gorma from Gosei Sentai Dairanger and the Orgs from Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.

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