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His underlings, his superior
Boundary Crossers
Dark Knight Digimon
Digimon Breakout Forces
We choose where we thrive. After all, we are beings with infinite power and potential... Our fates are in our own hands, and we choose what we do with them. „ 

— ChaosDukemon

ChaosDukemon (カオスデュークモン ?, Kaosudyūkumon) is an Ultimate-level Dark-species Dark Knight Digimon who is a commander of the Digimon Breakout Forces, a group of Digimon aiming to claim dominion over other dimensions by letting Digimon loose wherever they go. He wields the cursed lance Balmung and the cursed shield Gorgon.


ChaosDukemon is a figure shrouded in mystery. Not much about him is known, aside from him having been seen opening up Digital Gates to let Digimon loose in other dimensions. Anyone who ever challenged ChaosDukemon either never told about him in fear, or simply perished on the field of battle. Those who mention the name 'Dukemon' truly get on his bad side; his history with Dukemon is unknown, but it is certainly no pleasant one...


As stated, few things are known about ChaosDukemon. What is known, however, include that he is ruthless, cold-hearted and callous, but has an extreme sense of honor and fair play, and is intolerant towards foul play and cowardice. This black knight's preferred way of doing battle is by challenging opponents to one-on-one duels. He may be a warrior of evil, but ChaosDukemon upholds chivalry and is a graceful loser; if he's grabbed the short end of the stick, he will accept that and congratulate his adversary.


  • Dark Counter: ChaosDukemon prepares to retaliate an incoming attack using dark energy.
  • Flash Jab: ChaosDukemon delivers a series of fast, hard jabs to a single opponent. A variation on Flash Punch.
  • Ice Arrow Flurry: ChaosDukemon shoots a barrage of sharp icicles from Gorgon that stab the opposition.
  • Demon's Disaster: ChaosDukemon thrusts Balmung at the opponent, jabbing them hard with dark energy.
  • Judecca Prison: ChaosDukemon concentrates the Digital Hazard's power inside Gorgon, then fires a devastating red beam from the shield.

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