Electro-Magnetic Robot Combattler V
Choudenji Robo Combattler V
Used by
Anyone in defense of humans
Anyone attacking humans
120 meters

Choudenji Robo Combattler V, Electro-Magnetic Robot Combattler V, or just simply Combattler V is a Mecha used by GN1.


Combattler V is comprised of 5 vehicles:

  1. Battle Jet: Forms the head
  2. Battle Crusher: Forms the chest and arms
  3. Battle Tank: Forms the torso
  4. Battle Marine: Forms the legs
  5. Battle Craft: Forms the feet


Combattler V is very serious minded and keeps to himself. He does not talk often during battles, and likes them to be over quickly. His pilot is unknown, as he always leaves as soon as a battle is over.


  • Atomic Burner: Forms a flamethrower from its hands
  • Rock Fighter: Shoots missiles from its hands
  • Battle Guleggar: Releases a chain with a claw from its hands, allowing it to grab the enemy from far away
  • Battle Returns: Throws to frisbees from its angles at the enemies
  • Battle Chainsaws: Shoots off the tank treads from its back, which then spin with blades
  • Pulse Shock: Shoots purple beams from its antennae
  • V Laser: A V shaped laser shot from the V on its head
  • Choudenji Yo-Yo: Flings two electrically charged bladed Yo-Yos at the enemy
    • Yo-Yo Double Cutter: The two Yo-Yos combine into one
  • Twin Lancer: Takes two lances from its shoulders; useful for close combat
  • Big Blast: Releases a large rocket from its stomach
    • Big Blast Divider: The rocket explodes into many tiny rockets
  • Magne Claw: Shoots a chain spiked block at the enemy
  • Cutter Kick: Blades come out of the discs on its ankles and it kicks the enemy
  • Choudenji Spark: Energy is conducted between its antennae and shot out through its hands
    • Choudenji Full Spark: The energy is released throughout the entire body
  • Choudenji Tatsumaki and Choudenji Spin: Combattler V's finisher; it involves paralyzing the enemy with the Tatsumaki, and drilling through them by turning itself into a giant drill


Combattler V Opening version 2012 コン・バトラーV02:48

Combattler V Opening version 2012 コン・バトラーV

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