Used by
Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Daiyousei
Unknown; short
Not Available
Touhou character
Eym da strongest! „ 

— Cirno

Cirno (チルノ ?, Chiruno) is an ice fairy living in Misty Lake. An exceptionally powerful fairy (although still not very strong).


Due to being the strongest fairy, Cirno is very arrogant, believing herself to be the strongest, period. While this is not the case, she was able to hold her own against Marisa Kirisame (even though Marisa wasn't putting much effort into her fight, and was off-guard/cocky) and Kamen Rider Decade, implying she may actually be powerful. She also is the smartest fairy, but isn't very smart to begin with, despite being at least sixty years old. Despite this, she, like with her strength, also believe she is the smartest of all, and will not hesitate to defend this "position", along with her claims of being the strongest, from anyone who'd challenge her strength. She is willing to challenge anyone she deems a "worthy opponent", such as Kamen Rider Decade, despite him, at first glance at least, being much stronger than her.

Cirno also spends her free time freezing frogs and watching them thaw. Whether Suwako Moriya knows about this or not is anyone's guess.


Cirno possesses the ability of manipulating cold, particularly creating ice. Despite her being known for being weak, her ice powers are actually quite strong, capable of freezing energy blasts and solid steel. She uses this power to create icicles to sent at her foes, glaciers to smash them with, and even swords to cut them to ribbons with.


  • "Icicle Attack"
  • "Icicle Fall"
  • Icicle Shoot
  • Icicle Shoot
  • Frost Pillars
  • Freezing Lasers
  • Freeze Touch Me
  • Icicle Rise
  • Icicle Sword
  • Midsummer Snowman
  • Ice Charge
  • Ice Kick
  • Little Iceberg
  • Icicle Bomb
  • Frozen Technique


  • Ice Sign: "Icicle Fall"*
  • Hail Sign: "Hailstorm"
  • Freeze Sign: "Perfect Freeze"
  • Snow Sign: "Diamond Blizzard"
  • Frost Sign: "Frost Columns
  • Freeze Sign: "Cold Divinity"
  • Freeze Sign: "Minus K"
  • Ice Sign: "Icicle Machine Gun"
  • Ice Sign: "Fairy Spin*"
  • Ice Clump: "Cold Sprinkler"
  • Cold Boy: "Super Ice Kick"
  • Ice Sign: "Sword Freezer"*
  • Cold Sign: "Insta Freeze Beam"
  • Blowing Ice: "Ice Tornado"
  • Ice Clump: "Great Crusher"
  • Ice Sign: "Ultimate Blizzard"
  • Ice Sign: "Perfect Glacialist"
  • Ice King: "Frost King"

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