The second clash between FoxMask and Okami Muto was a battle that took place on July 3, 2014 in Giza, Egypt.



Outcome: Okami Muto and FoxMask tie, as they are interrupted by Blue Ghidorah and Mandra Huolong. 

Okami Muto sends a messenger to tell FoxMask to meet him in Giza, Egypt for their rematch. FoxMask sends a rocket to Okami Muto that tells him to wait till nightfall for their battle. 

When night falls, FoxMask appears and attacks Okami Muto. Okami tries a lunar pulse, which only empowers FoxMask.

Hoping to crush FoxMask, Okami Muto opens up a fissure, and tries to lure FoxMask into it. It doesn't work, and Okami instead tries to tear his foe's mask off. FoxMask instead cuts open Okami's scar from The Battle of Hong Kong , wounding the Muto. Okami tries to destroy them both by diving into the fissure he opened while holding FoxMask. FoxMask escapes at the last minute, and Okami closes it on himself.

Just then, aliens arrive and begin shooting at FoxMask. Okami Muto breaks free from the fissure, battered and bruised, yelling for them to continue their fight. FoxMask pounces on Okami, just as a meteor falls toward Earth. Okami slams FoxMask into the meteor, destroying it and revealing what was inside: Blue Ghidorah. Okami Muto and FoxMask attack Blue Ghidorah, but Blue Ghidorah explains that the kaiju are being attacked and they have to exterminate the humans. Mandra arrives in Mechalong and says that he'll have no choice but to fight Ghidorah if he chooses to kill the humans. Mandra and Ghidorah talk, and Okami and FoxMask have no choice but to stop the clash and fight another day.

Important Events

  • Okami's new powers are witnessed.
  • Blue Ghidorah arrives and explains his situation. He then talks with Mandra about it.


  • A random kaiju that Okami sucked the blood of to regenerate

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