The Bored Jailbreaker, Cody Travers
Cody Travers
Used by
Gai (more of a friendly rival), Haggar
a corrupt cop
Street Fighter character
Final Fight character
Well now. Let's see if we can't do somethin' about my boredom. „ 

— Cody

Cody Travers (コーディー・トラバース Koodii Torabaasu) is a prisoner who was the former hero of Metro City. He also escapes jail to relive his boredom.


Before his imprisonment, he was combative, reckless but positive and a good-natured man. He also had a strong sense of justice and love for his former girlfriend, Jessica. After his imprisonment and breaking up with his girlfriend on bitter notes, without contacts with his friends and spending days in prison, he became aphetic and aloof. He "casually" breaks out of prison to relive his boredom. He also willingfully keeps his handcuffs on so that he gives his opponent a chance.


Fighting Style

His fighting style is always the underworld brawling style, which landed him in prison due to his addiction of fighting. He learned this since he was a little child fighting for survival in the harsh slums of Metro City.


  • Criminal Upper-He does an uppercut, which creates a small multi-hitting tornado from his force.
  • Final Destruction-He cracks his knuckles and does a spinning hook. If his opponent's hit, he'll deliver a punch, a Stomach Blow, a Jaw Breaker and a fifth spinning punch before sending his opponent flying sky high with a powerful Criminal Upper.
  • Bad Stone-He picks up a stone and throws it.
  • Ruffian Kick-Cody steps forward and performs a sliding kick. Depending on the height, it can be either low, medium, or high.
  • Zonk Knuckle-Cody performs a powerful hook punch that sends the opponent flying.
  • Dead End Irony-Cody performs a Ruffian Kick before jumping up and delivering two front kicks and a crack kick. Upon landing, he then throws a roundhouse kick, a jump roundhouse kick and a final crack kick.
  • Last Dread Dust-He kicks up dust, blinding his opponent for a few seconds before following up by attacking his opponent with a wrench before sending them sky high with an uppercut, and as they fall, he pulls out a steel pipe and hits them by the back, sending them flying baseball-style.


Cody's Stripes and Cuffs (Street Fighter Alpha 3 Beat em up RMX) by Kariu04:58

Cody's Stripes and Cuffs (Street Fighter Alpha 3 Beat em up RMX) by Kariu

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