Used by
Gallibon the Destroyer
Xendrax (formerly)
Camero (formerly)
Makia, FoxMask, Kamen Rider Wrath
Giant Cockroach
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?? meters
The Viledrodes (formerly)
Book Kaiju
Cockroaches shall be the dominant lifeform! „ 

— Cokra

Cokra is a giant cockroach kaiju and a RP character used by Gallibon the Destroyer.


Cokra was a trickster and a insufferable bug, who liked to annoy almost everybody else to no end and loved to mess with people with her trickery.



Her origins are unclear, but a long time ago, the Viledrodes found Cokra and decided to have her join as part of the Viledrode's kaiju.

First Appearance

While both Xendrax and Emperor Tazarus were not exactly fond of her, Emperor Tazarus decided to send her out due to her odd abilities and as a distraction so that the Earth Defenders would not be aware of their invasion plans. Cokra first attacked a city along with Xendrax and Camero, but was stopped by Makia and FoxMask. Afterwards she retreated. She later briefly fought against Makia again and KM! MireGoji, but was only there briefly.

Second Appearance

Xendrax and Camero then assigned both Cokra and Gokidon to attack a city to cause a ruckus as Xendrax believed having two giant cockroach kaiju on the loose would be very useful in their attack. Cokra did some major damage by sending out her swarm against the city, but both her and Gokidon were then stopped by Kamen Rider Wrath. At least for the time being. While Gokidon retreated, Cokra continued to attack several places in Austrailia with Xendrax and Camero.

Third Appearance and Death

Cokra made good progress with her rampage across Australia, however, this was not to last. Cokra then turned against Xendrax and Camero by imprisoning them and betraying the Viledrodes, as she believed cockroaches would become the dominant lifeform. Luckily, Kamen Rider Wrath showed up again to end Cokra's reign of terror. After a long duel, Cokra and her roach swarm were killed by Kamen Rider Wrath. Xendrax and Camero were then freed and escaped back to their master Emperor Tazarus.

Straight Outta the Monster Graveyard

Cokra briefly appeared in the RP where she was seen suffering in the lower pits of the Monster Graveyard where she, Moaigan, Denomon and Onimous were also seen suffering. Gokidon saw this all and thought it was disturbing, and thus moved on away from the sight.


  • Love Blasts: Cokra could fire out a pink, heart-shaped blast from her hands and could make people fall in love with objects by her command.
  • Roach Swarm: Cokra could fire out swarms of black cockroaches from her wings.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Other cockroaches
  • Causing mischief
  • Messing around with others
  • Teasing


  • Seeing cockroaches getting stomped on or killed in anyway
  • Getting stabbed


  • Cokra comes from the obscure book Godzilla Discovers America.
  • Cokra had no powers in her source material, as such, her abilities were made up.
  • Although she defected, she is the first Viledrode kaiju to die.