The Smiling Shadowblood, CoyoteMask
Used by
FoxMask, Chen, Okami M.U.T.O, WolfMask, Slasher
Shriekrazor Conspiracy, Mage, Abraxas
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CoyoteMaskFace He is neither a villain or a hero. He saves us from bandits, but he also murders politicians and others in cold blood. Vengeance? Pure boredom? None of us know. What we do know is that he is an unstoppable killing machine, and we've all decided to simply stay out of his way. „ 

— Shadowblood Village Elder, on CoyoteMask

CoyoteMask (コヨーテマスク?, KoyōteKamen) is a Elite Shadowblood from another universe.

Front Information

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CoyoteMask grew up in a Shadowblood city, (an alternate Duskland in his universe) with his mother and father. His mother was a teacher and his father was a politician, who was running for mayor. However, his father's opponent hired assassins to kill him, who did so one night when the family was at sleep. CoyoteMask was then raised by some relatives for the rest of his childhood.

When Coyote grew into an adult, he spent everything he could investigating his parents' deaths, eventually tracing it to a group of assassins, and then to the politician who hired them. He discovered that the politician was involved in a conspiracy to take out modern-day governments such as communism and democracy, replacing it with a totalitarian government where they all the power. Coyote swore revenge on his father's murderers, and worked toward that goal, slowing down the conspirators' plans in the process.

Eventually, Coyote heard that the politician who had hired the assassins was going to give a speech at a Shadowblood village, and headed there a few days of time. However, the village was attacked by a group of bandits. Coyote defended the villagers against the raiders, driving them off, and was regarded as a hero for some time. When the politician came for his speech, their opinion of him changed when he murdered the man in cold blood, right in front of the eyes of everyone. Despite the people of the village fearing him, Coyote realized that the bandits would constantly attack the village due to its wealth, and he had to help defend it. He built a hideout near the village, so that he could carry out his plans of revenge and protect the innocent people at the same time.

Events of WZRP

While battling a group of bandits, Coyote meant to open a portal from one spot of the ground to another, instead accidentally opening a portal to WZRP. As such, he met FoxMask, a major, fellow Shadowblood that resided in the main universe, and Chen, who helped him defeat the bandits. The two spoke to the villagers, however, and decided to investigate him and his ambitions. When he found out they were following him, he invited them to his base, and gave them his backstory. The two then agreed to help him on his crusade, with their first assassination target being a celebrity in a major city.

The three of them arrived in the city, and managed to cause a car accident involving the celebrity and his bodyguards. They successfully eliminated their target after tearing through waves of bodyguards and assassins, with the help of Okami. With the news of murder spreading around, Coyote waited for the higher ranking members to show up for the investigation, so he could further carry out his plot for revenge.


CoyoteMask is an individual whose primary goals revolve around vengeance for his parents' deaths. However, he also has a sense of morality, shown when he helps to protect a village from its attackers. Coyote also feels remorse for the occasional deaths of citizens in his crusade, but states that he is unable to stop himself from working toward his ultimate goal. He's somewhat delusional as well, as he carves a smile onto his face because his father told him to "never lose that smile". As FoxMask describes him, he's "slightly insane, but sane enough to where he's decent".


CoyoteMask is a tall, thin Shadowblood with magenta/pink, green, black and white armor that also has a cloak attached to it. He dual wields nagamakis, and also utilizes a gauntlet with a hidden blade variant known as a "Dancer Blade". His "mask" has a long and narrow look with pointed ears, a sharp shin, and slinted eyes. However, its most noticeable feature is the smile carved into it, and despite the expression of his eyes and the rest of his face, the smile always remains the same.


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  • CoyoteMask's creation was inspired by the creation of a second Shadowblood by Gojiran103, WolfMask.
  • CoyoteMask's entire personality came from when DrGodzilla120, the creator of this character asked Gallibon the Destroyer if he should be a good guy or a bad guy, and Gallibon said "a little bit of both".
  • CoyoteMask is the third of the main Shadowbloods in the RPverse.
  • CoyoteMask is the youngest of the main Shadowbloods.
  • CoyoteMask is the tallest of the main Shadowbloods.
  • Originally, CoyoteMask was just to have been a regular Shadowblood in black robes that had sometimes helped FoxMask with his troubles. He only appeared in once in roleplay, and like WolfMask he was eventually revamped.

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