Coyote Tango
Coyote Tango
Used by
Lord Vehk
Tacit Ronin, Romeo Blue, Gipsy Danger, Cherno Alpha, Winter Flurry, Redflag Horowitz, Wolf Queen, Shameless Fox
Tachyons, Titanium Gigan, Showa King Ghidorah
85 meters
?? meters
Global Defense Force
Legendary Pictures Mecha

Coyote Tango (コヨーテタンゴ Koyōte Tango) is a Japanese Mark-1 Jaegar controlled by Lord Vehk.


Coyote Tango is an old, battle-hardened and tough soldier-esque Jaeger who is a veteran of the Kaiju War and takes his job very seriously. He's also pretty strict and lives his life "by the book". Despite this, he is pretty bold and is always makes sure to do his best to help others in need.


Debut: The Trouble with Tachyons

Coyote Tango first appeared to assist in the attack against the Tachyons with Zilla Jr. and Neo Titanosaurus  after some damage was done to their area.

Coyote Tango and Tacit Ronin fought together to fight off some of the invading Tachyon forces in San Francisco, fighting off a mind-controlled King of Mons and Goliath , where they were also intervened by IguanaGoji. In the end, Coyote Tango and Tacit Ronin succeeded in driving off the Tachyon forces, though their fight was pretty brutal.

Shanghai Slaughter

Main article: Shanghai Slaughter.

Coyote Tango vs. Titanium Gigan

Coyote Tango came in to cover for Romeo Blue in the fight against Titanium Gigan, as the alien beast managed to inflict heavy damage on Romeo Blue, forcing him to retreat for repairs. Coyote Tango fought off Titanium Gigan for a while, it being a fierce duel, but eventually managed to cause Titanium Gigan to retreat. Afterwards, Coyote Tango left.

Coyote Tango vs. Agua Bagan

Sometime later, Coyote Tango was deployed to go fight against Agua Bagan, but unfortunately was beaten badly, and then Gipsy Danger came in to take Coyote Tango's place.

Showa King Ghidorah Attacks!!

Coyote Tango along with BirthGoji traveled to Showa King Ghidorah's location to stop him from devastating the land. Coyote Tango and BirthGoji were soon joined by Kamen Rider Black to defeat the three headed monstrosity and soon succeeded, though the fight was fierce. Coyote Tango then headed back to base.

Abilities & Weapons

  • Coyote Tango has back mounted Ballistic Mortar cannons.
  • Coyote Tango has wrist mounted Type 90 maser blasters.
  • V-PI Energy Caster

Power Moves

  • Supercritical Throwdown 


  • Coyote Tango was designed after naval warships and Cobra attack helicopters.
  • Coyote Tango was originally owned by Lord Vehk, then Gallibon the Destroyer, and now back to Lord Vehk.
  • He is the second-oldest known Mark-1 Japanese Jaeger.

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