Used by
Jay's Wing
Quillfire, Thermidor, Saberhorn
Strongarm, Bumblebee (Prime), Echo Saber, Azure Assassin
40 meters
120 meters
Transformers character

Crazybolt is a decepticon and role-play character used by X Jay's Wing X.


Crazybolt subscribes to a simple philosophy: speed. Everything in life should be about going as fast as you can and nothing should be slowing you down. On Velocitron, this philosophy would allow Crazybolt to fit right in. But on planets such as Cybertron and Earth, there are too many obstacles in the form of cities, natural terrain, and people. And to Crazybolt, there is only one solution to dealing with all obstacles impeding his speed: destroying them with his fiery breath and burning exhaust.



In the city of London, Crazybolt and Quillfire were sent to destroy the city. After a few satisfying minutes, however, the autobots inevitably came to save the day. While Quillfire dealt with the leader, Bumblebee (Prime), Crazybolt fought against the police officer, Strongarm. At first, Crazybolt was doing well; his clear focus on speed let him dodge all of Strongarm's attacks and retaliate with his strong claws. The few attacks she did get off did good damage, but Crazybolt immediately countered by slamming her into a building with his large tail.

Eventually, tired of Crazybolt's hit-and-run tactics, Strongarm released a pulse of electricity that not only knocked back and damaged Crazybolt, but took away his greatest advantage by slowing him down. The battle became more and more even as Strongarm gradually got the advantage on him.

However, help soon arrived as two newcomers, Saberhorn and Thermidor, came to help Crazybolt and Quillfire, who had been taken down by Bumblebee. As Strongarm tried to press her advantage, Crazybolt blinded her with a blast of fire to her face, buying time for Thermidor to appear and attack her. As Thermidor and Strongarm fought, Crazybolt didn't attack as much until he was re-energized. He assaulted Strongarm with Thermidor, their speed steadily overpowering the female autobot until...

A wrist blade sunk itself into Crazybolt, flinging him into a building. A yellow sphere of energy blasted Thermidor backwards. The figure turned out to be the Japanese jaeger Echo Saber. Echo Saber quickly fought with Thermidor as Strongarm once again turned to Crazybolt. The battle was pretty even until Echo bursted in, taking Crazybolt by surprise and damaging him even further. Deciding that it wasn't worth it anymore, Crazybolt retreated from London with Thermidor, his amazing speed letting him escape easily.


  • Extremely fast
  • Teeth, claws, etc.
  • Can breathe fire from maw
  • Strong, large tail

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