MC-ASAR (Cybersaur)
Used by
GDF, KDF, other defense forces
Level IV+ Threats
N/A, does not age.
110 Meters
170 Meters
GDF Machine
MC-ASAR (Magnetic Counter-Attack Supreme Anti-kaiju Robot) better known by the name of Cybersaur, is a machine created by the Global Defense Force, designed to help prevent and stop kaiju and other such threats.


While his personality is still developing, Cybersaur is incredibly protective of humans, viewing them as something that it is his duty to protect. He is incredibly by the books, and little else but a change in the rules by his superiors can change his mind. Despite this, he has been known to make snide comments during battles, presumably due to working with the pilot of the Armor MOGUERA series, who is known for similar comments.


  • Flight at Mach 1
  • Able to fire heat beams from his eyes, independent from his magnetic generator, instead coming from his hyper-heat friction engine.
  • Can launch out his forearms at high speeds, usually to be used as a use of capture, though it being used as a concussive force is not unheard of.
  • Jishin Beam- A charged blast of electromagnetic energy, fired from a combination of his magnetic generator and hyper-heat friction engine. Equivalent to a spiral ray, but takes a while to charge.
  • Can deploy shields to protect himself and others nearby
  • Heavy duty metal armor allows for defense against many physical blows.
  • Jishin Death Cloud- A hyper-electromagnetic burst of energy, with heavy power and the radius of a small hydrogen bomb. Takes about fifteen minutes of preparation time before a five minute charge, but Cybersaur can move mostly uninhibited during the fifteen minute prep-time, but without the ability to use his magnetic generator. The blast's recoil causes Cybersaur's magnetic generators to give out, which can only be fixed if Cybersaur is completely rebooted (which can take up to 14 hours).


  • Cannot fly as fast as many kaiju.
  • Jishin Death Cloud prep-time and after-effects disable the use of magnetic generator based weaponry, which may make Cybersaur vulnerable.
  • Incredible by-the-books personality may come off as abrasive to those who think rules can be incorrect, causing conflicts that might not have to be started.
  • Entire system reboot can take up to 14 hours, making him completely inactive for long periods of time.

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