Used by
Jay's Wing
Alien Ido, Mosuran Butterfree, Reggae Ebirah, Country Anguirus, Maguma
8 years
110 meters
150 meters
Toho Character

DESOTORYAH!!! is an evil demonic kaiju and role-play character used by Jay's Soviet Wing.


DESOTORYAH!!! is an evil, sadistic, and badass kaiju that has no remorse when murdering other kaiju. Basically, he's not a good guy. When fighting kaiju or destroying cities, he'll scream out his name.


Debut: Alien Ido

Alien Ido had just defeated a Viledrode Commander. Now, as he wandered in a snow-covered landscape, four kaiju arose. Three of them, Country Anguirus, Reggae Ebirah, and Maguma, were on a team. The last one, DESOTORYAH!!!, was not: as Country Anguirus prepared to attack Alien Ido, DESOTORYAH!!! laughed and blasted Country Anguirus with a Micro-Oxygen beam. Next, DESOTORYAH!!! picked up the spiked kaiju and threw him at the alien.

Reggae Ebirah blasted DESOTORYAH!!! with a water beam, and when the demonic kaiju charged the crustacean, Maguma sent DESOTORYAH!!! stumbling back with an ice beam. Next Country Anguirus joined in on the demon kaiju's assault, slamming his tail into DESOTORYAH!!! and ramming into Alien Ido.

As DESOTORYAH!!! slashed Reggae Ebirah with his Horn Katana, two purple beams suddenly slammed into him, scorching the demonic kaiju. Screaming his name in rage, DESOTORYAH!!! sent a Micro-Oxygen beam at the new challenger, who let out scales from her wings that reflected the Micro-Oxygen beam back at DESOTORYAH!!!

The new arrival, revealed as Mosuran Butterfree, blasted DESOTORYAH!!! with dual antennae beams. In response DESOTORYAH!!! slashed at Mosuran Butterfree, cutting her, only for the demon-spawn kaiju to be knocked back by a psychic beam of energy. Next, Mosuran Butterfree finished off DESOTORYAH!!! by firing a green beam from her mouth, causing him to roar out his name in savage rage as his health was drained before flying off.


  • Horn Katana - DESOTORYAH!!! can slash at foes with a laser from his horn. This is one of DESOTORYAH!!!'s most powerful attacks, and deals great damage.
  • Micro-Oxygen Beam - DESOTORYAH!!! is able to blast enemies with a powerful beam of micro-oxygen from his mouth.
  • Chest Cannon - DESOTORYAH!!!'s most powerful weapon is a large purple beam of micro-oxygen from his floral chest pattern.
  • Flight - DESOTORYAH!!! can use his massive wings to fly at Mach 1.


  • Temperatures - DESOTORYAH!!! is very weak to extreme temperatures, cold or hot.

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